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Connor now in CRF

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    Well, it seems that things have gotten a little complicated for my Connor. At the last cardiologist visit, we took him off Lanoxin and I noticed an immediate
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 26, 2004
      Well, it seems that things have gotten a little complicated for my Connor.
      At the last cardiologist visit, we took him off Lanoxin and I noticed an
      immediate improvement in his eating habits. Unfortunately, he started to not
      eat well again this past weekend and I took him in for blood work on Sunday.

      By Sunday night he was lethargic, wouldn't eat much and only wanted to
      sleep. I was a mess at work on Monday. Called the cardiologist and he lowered
      Con's lasix from 1/2 tablet 2x a day to 1/4 tablet 2x a day. Blood work wasn't
      due back until today.

      This morning Connor would not eat. I had to force feed him some juices from
      his food, but I couldn't get him to eat much. I stayed home until 11AM and
      then left for work.

      The blood work came back this afternoon. Here are the high numbers:

      Urea Nitrogen 63 (14-36) mg/dl
      Creatinine 2.6 (0.6-2.4) mg/dl
      Magnesium 2.8 (1.5-2.5) mEq/L

      I called to see if the cardiologist received the fax from my vet and was
      told by the tech that they were short two techs and the doctor has emergencies
      and they did not know if my fax was in. I told them I would refax it just to
      be safe. At 4PM I had not heard from the cardiologist. So I called again
      and was told that cardiology was closed, did I want to leave a message. I of
      course said no and that I was waiting for a call back from the cardiologist.
      While on hold, I totally lost it. I was absolutely bawling my eyes out. I
      hear a voice say "hello?" on the phone and call me by name. I could barely
      talk. The cardiologist said "why are you crying?" I was expecting to hear
      him say, in his best Tom Hanks impersonation, "There's no crying in
      cardiology!" But of course, he didn't. I just replied that I thought he'd left. He
      said he wouldn't have done that and started to go over the report with me.

      He said that Connor's numbers aren't great, but that he had seen worse. He
      asked how Connor's breathing was, and I replied that he was doing pretty
      good. So here are the changes he made to his medication:

      Continue Lasix at 1/4 tablet 2x a day
      Decrease Enalapril to 1 tablet 1x a day
      Decrease Spinolactone to 1/2 tab 1x a day
      Keep Diltiazem at 1/2 tablet 2x a day
      continue baby aspirin 2x a week
      continue flovent 1 puff 2x a day
      Add 1/2 10 mg Pepcid AC 1x a day

      I picked up some baby food at the store on my way home and I'm happy to say
      that Connor ate a 1/2 a jar for me. I did have to force the food in his
      mouth, but every now and then I would try to give him a/d and he'd spit that out.
      So, he was enjoying the baby food.

      He also even walked out of the bedroom and sat in the hallway. I picked him
      up and put him on the couch where he is sleeping. I am glad he is out with
      all of us.

      Anyhow, that's the latest. I am very worried, but am also a bit optimistic.
      If he is not doing better by Friday, I'm to call the cardiologist. If he
      is okay, he's to gave blood work done again in 2 weeks.


      JoAnn & Connor

      1/2 - 30 mg Diltiazem 2x a day
      1 - 2.5 mg Enalalpril AM
      1/4 - 12.5 mg Lasix 2x a day
      1/2 - 25 mg Spironolactone 1x a day
      1/4 - 10 mg Pepcid AC 1x a day

      low dose Aspirin 2x a week for HCM

      1 puff 110 Flovent 2x a day for Asthma

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