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  • Linda CuĂ©llar Irrgang
    This is a great way for all of us and esp Lillie to start the wkend. TTG. Linda and the boys ... From: turkishangoraathumanesociety
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 1, 2004
      This is a great way for all of us and esp Lillie to start the wkend.


      Linda and the boys

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      From: turkishangoraathumanesociety
      Sent: Friday, October 01, 2004 4:38 PM
      To: feline-heart@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [FH] LILLIE! CRAZY (GOOD) UPDATE!

      Hey everyone...we JUST got back, so this will be quick...
      YOUR Good thoughts and PRAYERS have done some amazing things. I
      think the Cardiologist was looking for ways to explain the very
      EXTREME change in her condition. He is quick to say that she by all
      means still has a heart condition, and is still calling it HCM...but
      is questioning it at this point. I couldn't POSSIBLY reiterate how
      exactly he explained it, but it has something to do with the
      papillary muscle, and how part of it may look "2 headed", which could
      be a possible deformity of some kind, and that could have made
      something look like something else (great med terminolgy I grasped
      here, sorry I was lost), and they are going to keep monitoring
      it...but she's not due for another echo for 9 months.
      The gist/translation I interpreted it to be, was that Lillie's
      heart is AWESOME (but he is quick to add "today" but that could
      change) , and it just doesn't seem possible that HCM could have been
      the right diagnosis (POSSIBLY).
      Now don't take this news TOO far, because she still needs to be on
      her heart meds...BUT she is being taken off the Lasix in a couple of
      days...but I need to monitor her breathing patterns to be sure that
      she is okay off it. He said that should also decrease the chances of
      her getting that awful constipation issue again. He also said it is
      up to me whether or not to keep her on the aspirin every third day...
      I will need to think about that one for a while...I am a bit scared
      to change that. He said that her likelihood NOW (today) of a blood
      clot is low (normally it is HIGH with HCM)...but to me, low is still
      at risk, and she isn't having problems on it, so for now I am going
      to keep her on that.
      I think what we have here is a MIRACLE that defies conventional
      explanation! And for that I THANK YOU for thinking of her! This
      Cardiologist is also AMAZING! His med changes in January also played
      a huge role in her present condition. He even said that her heart
      looked better THIS time than even in January when we went there and
      he was amazed by the change from the original x-rays and echo. I
      wish he was closer to here.
      I ran back to get a copy of the echo report, but the student was
      the only one there, and he said he'd ask the Cardiologist when he got
      back...so hopefully they'll mail that to me.
      I may or may not be on the board tomorrow... The plan is to SLEEP
      the entire day (since Lillie won't allow sleep at night at ALL these
      days, with all her new found energy). I have been SO SO chronically
      fatigued, I have been REALLY doing weird things (ie: typing
      completely opposite letters from what I thought I was, putting
      grocery cart back in the return cage (and leaving groceries)), and
      complete and utter exhaustion to the point of fighting to keep my
      eyes open in classes. ....Nevermind intense headaches! Need.
      Sleep. Now. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      Lillie's photos are the 1st album in the "photos" link at the left....

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    • lclarizia@aol.com
      Yay!!! I m very happy for you and Lillie!!! Lisa [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
      Message 2 of 3 , Oct 2, 2004
        Yay!!! I'm very happy for you and Lillie!!!


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