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Re: [FH] Newly diagnosed cat

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  • Jeanette
    Hi Rosemary, ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2004
      Hi Rosemary,

      > Yearly shots? It may be worthwhile to read the latest information the
      > American Veterinary Medical Assn, among other mainstream sources, about annual
      > vaccination...which many consider no longer necessary and potentially harmful.

      Thanks for that post - yes, I absolutely agree with you! My beloved Bobo
      died of a fibro sarcoma due to too many and absolutely unnecessary
      vaccinations. If I just would have known earlier...

      <<<<Almost without exception there is
      > no immunologic requirement for annual revaccination."<<<<

      Right, we humans don't get yearly shots (every ten years is the
      recommendation), why should cats and dogs get them? It's just business.

      > a high-quality (quality in
      > the
      > nutritional sense), low-carbohydrate, well-balanced, moisture-rich,
      > meat-based diet.<<<

      I also just have to agree with that. since I changed from supermarket cat
      food to high quality food I certainly see quite a lot of health improvement
      regarding my cats, even though they are both young. Their fur is wonderful
      soft and plush and they do not shed hair as much as before and they are more
      active. their bloodwork shows better numbers - what else do I want?

      Junk food is fine once in a while - but who can live of it without getting
      serious health problems? I rather spend money on top food than on vet bills.

      Jeanette with Lilly, Phoenix and my Angels Bobo and Klein-Erna from
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