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RE: [FH] Sasquatch - begging for treats and bossing other cats around!

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  • Davidson, Becky
    LaVon I did that with my cat Scotty. We went to the vet in early December for a checkup and he had some type of attack. He was diagnosed with RCM and the vet
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2004

      I did that with my cat Scotty. We went to the vet in early December for a
      checkup and he had some type of attack. He was diagnosed with RCM and the
      vet told me we would be counting his days in months not years. Initially it
      looked like we would be counting in days not months. He wouldn't eat, he
      would just lay around, he didn't clean himself. In short he just wasn't
      Scotty. I decided to take him off everything that I would rather have
      "Scotty" for a couple of weeks then this cat for several months. By
      Christmas he had improved significantly and after the first of the year I
      started the meds up and he improved even more. Every time we go back for a
      checkup the vet says he is looking better. He takes a downturn every time
      he gets fleas but I have started doing the monthly treatments and we are
      managing to keep ahead of them. In the back of my mind I know that he has
      lived a long full life but I have had him for 19 years and will be lost when
      I lose him.

      Keep in mind I am not a vet and I certainly don't play one on tv but this
      has been my experience.

      Good luck.

      scotty 19, part maine coon. 1/2 enalapril (not sure level) 1xday, 1 lasix
      12.5mg 1xday

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      Subject: [FH] Sasquatch - begging for treats and bossing other cats around!

      Sasquatch has been off the atenolol for 2 full days. Last night, he
      begged for potato chips when we were eating some, in the living room
      watching TV. Then he drank a bit... This morning he was on the
      counter in the kitchen, helping me make coffee (yeah help) and
      TODAY he ate 1/2 jar of chicken baby food.

      I know it's NOT a miracle recovery. But he IS acting more HAPPY.
      It's like he know's I've given up on the meds... and that's what he
      seems to want.

      All I know is, if he's begging for treats, eating, drinking and
      bossing his younger "fur family" around. He DOES feel better
      without the meds.

      I've talked to my vet. She agrees that since he's been on the meds
      less than 3 months, and been tried on 2 different drugs... that
      maybe the kindest thing would be to allow him to be "KING of HIS
      jungle" for the remainder of his days, even if it shortens his life,
      ultimately - She agrees Quality is more important than length.
      (Plus, she does remind me he is almost 15 years old - and since the
      HCM is MILD at this point, the NOT eating or drinking or moving
      around is probably worse for him than NOT having the meds.)

      I even spotted him "wrangling" kittens away from his crunchie bowl,
      earlier (smile) The kittens don't argue -- if he "talks" to them,
      walking in their direction - the RUN!

      Thank you all for your encouragement and support. I bought a new
      tube of Nutri-cal, today... and a half case of baby food. I'll feed
      him whatever he will EAT at this point! He IS still "nibbling" on
      the Science Diet K/D a little, too :)

      Hugs to all the struggling fur babies out there - and deepest
      gratitude to everyone who wrote me with words of encouragement and
      sympathy for my situation.

      I'll keep a close watch on him, obviously, and I'll try to stay
      close to this group. I'm sure there will be more difficult days
      ahead, but rignt now, I'm going to give him all the love and
      attention he will tolerate.

      My best, to ALL,
      LaVon Fabian

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