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Re: [FH] Dandelion leaf extract dosage?

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    Hi Carol, In a message dated 8/21/04 6:38:43 PM, carolroars@hotmail.com writes:
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      Hi Carol,

      In a message dated 8/21/04 6:38:43 PM, carolroars@... writes:

      << Does anyone now what the dosage would be for dandelion leaf extract

      for a cat with congestive heart failure? >>

      Unlike conventional medications, which are prescribed *standard to a
      disease*, complementary remedies (incl Western herbs) are prescribed *individual to
      the body*. This means there is no one "dosage" for a specific disease.

      << It's for a friend of mine's cat who is CRF and CHF. >>

      Is the friend working with a holistic vet who is trained and experienced in
      the use of Western botanical medicine? There is a directory of holistic vets
      here: www.ahvma.org/referral/index.html. There is another directory of holistic
      vets who work esp with Western botanical medicine here: www.vbma.org.

      << She has Eclectic Institute and Gaia Herbs whole plant extracts. The

      extracts don't specify "how much" (like in miligrams) of the actual

      extract you're getting with a dose >>

      Again, Western botanical remedies are not equivalent to synthetic
      medications, which are generally a *single* isolated compound formulated uniformly to a
      specific amt. Plants contain dozens if not hundreds of compounds, each in
      varying degrees depending on a variety of factors, incl the conditions in which the
      plant was grown and how it is processed.

      << we don't really know how to figure out how

      much to actually give a cat to get the desired results >>

      That would be the responsibility of a vet trained and experienced in Western
      botanical medicine.

      << She doesn't want to just start giving her the Lasix drug, if using the

      dandelion leaf will alleviate the problem, since the dandelion is

      easier on the kidneys than the Lasix is. >>

      This is an admirable sentiment. But it's essential to understand, again, that
      Western remedies are individual to the body...and the "success" of the
      treatment depends in large measure in how the individual body responds to the
      substance. (Synthetic medications, conversely, generally act uniformly.)
      Complementary treatment does not exclude conventional medications, which can be part of a
      holistic-oriented treatment and may be necessary depending on the individual
      issues. // Rosemary
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