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Kirby Update - blood work, etc.

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  • Janice
    Sorry for the length and formatting issues. Kirby hadn t been doing too well a few weeks ago. We took him in for his scheduled 2 month check with his regular
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2004
      Sorry for the length and formatting issues.

      Kirby hadn't been doing too well a few weeks ago. We took him in for his scheduled 2 month check with his regular vet and for blood work. This doc was new to the practice and us, but was nice and seemed genuinely concerned for Kirby.

      She said he didn't sound very good - fluid in the lungs, etc.

      Blood work came back and said everything looked good but his Dig (Lanoxin) level was low. So the cardio doc advised us to increase the lanoxin to every day, up the lasix to 3 a day from 2, and to give the Spironalactone 2 x day instead of a PRN.

      We made these changes and I started to see improvement in Kirby not long after. He has been brighter, more active and only has periodic coughing episodes instead of several a day.

      I told the vet I didn't have the sense of impending doom lately.

      We took Kirby back for a re-check on his blood work about 2 weeks later (Monday) and got the results last night. Oh, and the doc said that she didn't hear the gallop rhythm (arrythmia?) that the cardio doc had heard previously.

      All blood work was good - the vet even used the term "glowing". His kidneys are still kicking butt! I am amazed things still look so good even though 2 lasix a day seemed like a lot and now he is on 3 a day.

      His current meds and recent blood work results are listed below.

      This re-check was the second time they had to take blood - first time they said the blood was lost (blamed lab). The doc that saw (and I use this term loosely) him the first time (filling in and a total ass) commented that his blood seemed thick and that he was probably dehydrated.

      So we have been encouraging him to drink - giving him iced water and such.

      Mentioned this to the "nice" doc and she said the blood work was good and did not indicate much dehydration (maybe just a tad - see Albumin). She suggested offering Kirby low sodium tomato juice or cranberry juice. She thought he would like the taste of tomato juice and would get more fluids that way. Anyone heard of this or given tomato juice to their cat?

      I am just relieved to see Kirby feeling better than he was.


      Kirby: Male, probable Maine Coon, born approx. 4/92, diagnosed 07-2003 at 11 yrs of age with restrictive HCM (and CHF)

      Current condition & meds: 13.5 lbs. (down from high of 18lbs), enlarged left atrial size (stable), atrial fibrillation w/periodic ventricular ectopathy: grade 2 murmur

      Diltiazem 30mg ½ tab 2x/day; Lanoxin 0.125mg ¼ tab 1x/day; Enalapril 2.5mg 1 tab 1x/day; Atenolol 25mg 1/2 1x/day; Lasix 12.5mg 1 tab 3x day; Spironalactone 25mg ¼ 2x/day; B Vitamin ¼ tab every other day; low dose aspirin 81mg 2x week; - administered via pilling.

      8/2/04 Bloodwork (norm): Bun - 13 (13-36); Creatinine - 0.7 (0.6-2.4); Albumin - 4 (2.5 - 3.9); Glucose - 79; Dig - either 0.3 or 3 (0.6 or 6)

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