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Just for the sake of sending a smile -- OT and a little long

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  • fancidots
    Hi Group, My name is Victoria. I am a 13 month old Bengal... Quite beautiful, if I must say so, myself -- and I MUST! (kitty grin =^..^=) I ve been watching my
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2004
      Hi Group,
      My name is Victoria. I am a 13 month old Bengal... Quite beautiful,
      if I must say so, myself -- and I MUST! (kitty grin =^..^=)

      I've been watching my mommy and her big old grumpy mongrel cat
      *Sasquatch* for the past couple of weeks, and I simply MUST say

      He ALWAYS gets to sleep on her pillow at night. He's LAZY and NO
      FUN AT ALL ! Mommy tells us he is sick -- but he surely doesn't ACT
      sick, when I try to ease into his pillow spot, at night, and he
      chases me away like he's wearing a superman suit! And,
      I'm getting tired of his cattitude!

      My buddy Hatter and I were trying to be SOOO nice to him, yesterday,
      when he returned, after mommy put him in the "going to the vet box"
      and took him away for a while. And what did he do? He HISSED at
      US ! How DARE he????

      So, I showed HIM!!! I politely climbed onto mommy's "lamp holding"
      thingy where she keeps his "That's for Sasquatch" food... and got
      VERY busy scooping big pawfuls of his candy flavored kibble onto the
      carpet, so when mommy got out of bed this morning, she had
      the "surprise" of stepping on crunchy little scatterings I had left
      for her (evil kitty grin)

      Mommy was sleeping, so she didn't know it was ME... merooow hee hee

      Today, when she came back home from the place she goes in her little
      green truck (I always watch from the window when she comes and goes)
      I ran to her "coming in" door -- and DEMANDED that she play with

      Somehow she seems to know when I need "special doses" of love... so
      instead of spending all her time, after cleaning our "bathroom box"
      and feeding us -- LOVING on me -- and telling me what a pretty girl
      I am. She even got out my feather toy, and played with me till I
      was panting from jumping and catching the "bird on a string" YEAH!!!

      Now with a full tummy, and tired from playing... I'm laying near her
      feet and dictating this to her, so she can type it to you... and
      remind you if your cats are YELLING and doing things to get your
      attention... we just want you to PLAY with US...

      Whew !!! It's a LOT of work, training these somewhat SLOW and
      mildly dim-witted beings who have the audacity to THINK they own
      US... when we FELINES know... it is US who own and MUST train,

      Meows and Purrrrs,
      Victoria Fancidots =^..^=
      (as dictated to LaVon Fabian)
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