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Re: Fw: cat w/ CHF

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  • brinkett
    ... the deep ... and I am ... the list, ... Well, we can only respond to what we re told. And we will respond quickly if we re given the impression that
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 5, 2004
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      > I sure hope that this is not an indication that listers go off
      the deep
      > end without finding out the real facts. I just joined this list
      and I am
      > quite taken aback by this behavior. Since the email was sent to
      the list,
      > and others responded without any knowledge of the facts

      Well, we can only respond to what we're told. And we will respond
      quickly if we're given the impression that someone is about to do
      something that may harm their cat. I don't know if you're "the
      person" who was being referred to, but if you are, it sounds like
      what you wrote was misinterpreted. However, none of the responses
      attacked "the person" - they all just cautioned very strongly that
      medicating a cat without guidance from a vet is a bad idea, and
      personally I don't see anything wrong with that on a list like this.

      This group is a great group for owners of cats with heart disease.
      You have joined on a day when there seems to be a little tempest in
      a teapot going on, but my cat and probably several others on the
      list wouldn't be alive today if not for the experience of the people
      on the group. You'll see how helpful we all can be when things calm
      down. :-)

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