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Pook Update - Prayer Changes Things!

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  • debbi_robinson@yahoo.com
    Happy 4th of July Everyone! I am ecstatically happy to report the following update on my dear Pookie baby. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me tell you guys
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2004
      Happy 4th of July Everyone! I am ecstatically happy to report the
      following update on my dear Pookie baby.

      OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me tell you guys that God has
      answered my prayers above and beyond what I ever could have hoped

      Ok.........took Pook for his vet appointment on Friday. Now he had
      really perked up since we started the IV Reglan and IV Zofran Wed.
      evening, so at least I felt that he would make the 2 hour roundtrip
      car ride ok. (In fact, he had walked around the house today for the
      first time in a couple of weeks, as well as drank a ton of water.)
      What I was anxious about was that I didn't know how much fluid he
      may have re-accumulated on his chest and whether or not they would
      have to tap his chest again. As well as always worrying what his lab
      numbers would reveal, given that he's had problems with low protein,
      anemia, kidneys, thyroid, etc. Especially since, we've had to keep
      him on diuretics which has kept him pretty dehydrated, so the worry
      was what kind of impact was this having on his kidneys, since he
      does have CRF.

      Soooooooo, my husband went with me to the vet. On the way there,
      Pook wanted some more water. So I poured him a little dish and he
      drank water for 8 solid minutes!! He was one thirsty kitty! Then I
      thought, oh geez, what if they do have to sedate him if they have to
      do another thoracentesis....have I just buggered that up by letting
      him drink??? Oh me, oh my. The previous Thursday, he regurgitated
      when they did his thoracentesis and central line, and that created
      some real problems for him.

      Anyway, we get to the vet and Pook just starts mrrroowwwing (that
      totally wonderful VERY loud Siamese vocalization), and purring and
      walking all over that exam room. So the vet comes in and he listens
      to his chest and says he can't really hear good air movement in his
      lungs. So I'm thinking, "oh brother.....". So they take him for his
      chest x-ray, not once, not twice, but three times! That dang
      technician wasn't doing it right or something. Finally, the vet came
      back in with an x-ray he could read. AND......... he said, this x-
      ray looks better than the x-ray we took AFTER the last time we
      tapped his chest. In other words....not only had no fluid re-
      accumulated, but there was LESS fluid!!!! We were all just
      gobsmacked!! The vet said he couldn't believe HOW GOOD Pook was
      doing. I asked him if he had ever seen a case of chylothorax in
      heart disease resolve itself. He said, "No, Never! All the cases he
      had seen, had just gotten worse, accumulating more and more fluid
      before they died. but that he had heard of cases where it resolved."
      He attributes this not only to all the intensive care we've given
      Pook, all the heart meds, but in no small measure to all the prayers
      that were said for Pook.

      The good news didn't stop there!!!! They drew his blood out that
      handy dandy central line. And we were just holding our breath that
      his kidney numbers might come back bad. THEY WERE COLD STONE
      NORMAL!!!!!! Right down the middle NORMAL!!! We were all hugging and
      laughing. Now here's the funny part. Melvin, (that wonderful vet
      tech there), was changing the bandage and checking his central line.
      Well Pook was growing restless and impatient and protesting very
      loudly. So since he is a shoulder kitty, I put him on my shoulder so
      they could finish with the central line bandage. Well, I see all
      this fluid dripping on the floor, and I think to myself, "what the
      heck is that"......then I saw it was Pook and he was just peeing
      like a racehorse, right there splashing all over my flip-flopped
      feet and all over my shirt. It was hilarious. Poor baby..........he
      tried to tell us he had to go BAD!! When a guys gotta go, a guys
      gotta go!

      The good news isn't over yet.............once we got him out to the
      car, he was RAVENOUSLY hungry. Fortunately, I had a tote bag full of
      his favorite food, along with plates, etc. He ate 2 1/2 cans of
      Fancy Feast on the hour drive home!!

      We're not going to let our guard down, and we are going to keep
      doing all that we're going..........he's got a lot of weight to gain
      back, and you can bet that I'm going to watch him like a hawk. But,
      I can hardly stand it, I'm so happy and so grateful.

      Seriously though, I am amazed and humbled at God's compassion and
      mercy on this little Siamese cat, as well as His answer to all my
      prayers. Don't mean to preach, but I do mean to give the credit and
      glory to God.

      An ecstatic Debbi and a hopefully, totally, on-the-mend Pookie!!

      >^..^< Soli Deo Gloria
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