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[FH] Re: Chief's appt with homeopatic vet.......(wicked long soapbox)

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  • Michelle
    Hi everyone, Okay, I m gonna respond to some of this conversation, and keep my responses as brief as I can. As one whose cat, Goldenrod, is being treated both
    Message 1 of 2 , May 27, 2004
      Hi everyone,

      Okay, I'm gonna respond to some of this conversation, and keep my
      responses as brief as I can. As one whose cat, Goldenrod, is being
      treated both with allopathic drugs and holistic modalities
      (nutraceuticals and herbs) I've been giving this whole issue a lot of
      thought. It seems like there are 2 ways of knowing: through
      controlled studies, and through observation, which is naturally non-
      objective but still can hold a lot of value if we keep our minds
      open. Obviously there is huge value in having peer-reviewed,
      published scientific research that a method of disease control (being
      a drug, herb, nutritional supplement, homeopathic remedy, whatever)is
      efficacious. One of the big issues being that drug companies are huge
      corporations with the money and connections to the government to fund
      scientific research, but funding for double-blind studies of
      alternative modalities is lacking. I work for an herbal and
      nutritional supplement company and we have to be scrupulously careful
      of making unproven claims because even when there's hundreds of years
      of experiential evidence and sometimes clinical research in other
      countries in the U.S. the government is beholden to the large
      pharmaceutical companies so there's a lot of stuff we can't say.

      My own experience is that before Goldie's HCM I never gave these guys
      any drugs, and because of my own fears I was really reluctant to
      start Goldie on Diltiazem because he was asymptomatic. Then last
      October he threw a clot, and was saved by pharmaceuticals. I'm sure
      that he's alive now because of a daily injection of Lovenox. But I
      also think that if he hadn't been a healthy, strong cat to begin with
      he wouldn't have made it this far. And he has a strong base of health
      because he was raised holistically. Goldie lost his calf muscle from
      his blood clot. He had his leg stitched in January. It's mostly
      healed, but he's still got a little open place that granulation
      hasn't filled in yet. His surgeon has commented to us that Goldie has
      a really strong immune system for his leg not to have gotten infected
      (well that and the fact that we are scrupulous about bandage
      changes). So while I can't give you definite proof of why his immune
      system is so strong that he hasn't gotten infected I can say that
      everyone at our specialty clinic is delighted and surprised that he's
      doing as well as he is.

      > - "Many holistic vets believe that the best defense against many
      diseases is a maximized immune
      > system...not vaccines."
      > -- are your children vaccinated? how about you don't vaccinate the
      next one you have. i can believe the sky is green, but that doesn't
      make it so

      I'm going to come out of the closet here. None of our cats were
      vaccinated. They all have healthy immune response, and have been
      amazingly healthy, with the exception of Goldie's HCM. Instead of
      vaccinations we gave homeopathic nosodes (which there is controversy
      about in the holistic community, some vets think they work, some
      think they don't give complete disease protection). I have been using
      nosodes instead of vaccines since 1988, and have raised 5 cats this
      way. None have gotten infectious diseases. And by the way, I know an
      allopathic vet who I respect immensely who did not vaccinate his
      children because he and his wife have grave concerns about the safety
      of vaccines for kids.

      Everyone I know who has
      > switched their pets from commercial food composed of human food
      > by-products loaded with non-nutritious fillers and sometimes
      > preservatives to a property researched, prepared, and complete raw
      > raves about the results"
      > -- when these results are posted in a controlled study, let me
      know. i will be the first to change and to recommend it to my

      I want a controlled study, too, but again, who is going to pay for it?
      And have you ever seen a cat grilling a mouse over a fire? Seriously,
      I'll come out of closet again and say that I'm a raw feeder. Been
      doing it since about 1990. I started raw feeding because I had a cat
      with a really weakened immune system and horrible flea-allergy
      dermatitis. We live in California where the fleas can be nightmarish.
      The year that I started feeding raw food to this kitty she didn't
      have any fleas until September, and then I found a total of 2 on her
      all month. It was remarkable, and made me a believer in raw feeding
      (that and the fact that she was an older cat and suddenly started
      playing like a kitten again). We are lucky because we have organic
      meat readily available here, and truthfully if we lived in an area
      where we couldn't find organic meat I'd probably rethink this and be
      cooking for the cats. My holistic vet explained to me that carnivores
      have enough hydrochloric acid in their stomachs to kill bugs. Then
      she reminded me that cats lick their butts, and we don't worry about
      that being unsanitary.

      > - "My favorite story is the group of UC-Davis students, who as a
      prank, submitted a piece of shoe
      > leather sprinkled with vitamins/minerals to AAFCO for evaluation.
      It passed."
      > -- is there an article on this somewhere?

      Someone told me about this and I would love to see an article. That's
      actually pretty funny in a sick kind of way.

      Oh well, so much for being brief in my response. At any rate, the one
      thing I feel certain of is that everyone on this list is doing the
      best they can for their cats with whatever resources they have

      all the best,
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