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Lamia intro /Home BP monitoring?

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  • catsmotherlove
    Hi, not so new to this group but I havn t posted here before. I m here because of concerns about my babe Lamia who has CRF, HCM (grade 4 when given ultra sound
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2004
      Hi, not so new to this group but I havn't posted here before.
      I'm here because of concerns about my babe Lamia who has CRF, HCM
      (grade 4 when given ultra sound in March, perhaps imroved?) and

      We've unfortunately reached a point financially where we can't afford
      to take Lamia to the hosital for blood pressure monitoring as often
      as I would be confortable with, is there a way we can do it at home?
      I'm sure I've heard of people doing this for their cats, but what do
      you need and how do you do it? I've been looking at equipment on E-
      bay but can't really see how human BP measuring devices can be used
      on a cat!

      We do have a steth and I check her pulse every other day, it seems
      quite good ranging between 120 and 140bpm depending on how settled
      she is (or should I say how much of a "get that thing off me" mood
      she is in <g>), cetainly I don't want to see this level dropping any
      lower. Thankfully Lamia has become friends with our regular vet, her
      heart rate is usually around 160bpm in the vet's surgery, even when
      she has just had blood taken.

      Lamia is on other meds for he CRF, but for her heart she has:-
      35mg Asprin every 3 days (she had a stroke in April)
      1/4 of a 25mg tablet Atenolol daily
      1/8 of a 5mg tablet Amlopidine (Istin) daily
      1/2 of a 5mg tablet Benezepril (Fortekor) daily- she needs this for
      proteinuria as well as part of her blood pressure management.

      Last time she was weighed she was 4.2kg (I think, notes in another
      room) which is about 9lb, she's quite a big cat and had lost a lot of
      weight which she is now steadily gaining back. Her weight gain is of
      some concern, obviously her heart has to bear it but I also worry how
      this may affect the correct dosage of her medication.

      Aside from her numerous health problems, Lamia is happy, very
      affecionate, playful and looking great :-) She's not as strong as she
      was, she has to pause to catch her breath sometimes but she has a
      lust for life.

      Thanks in advance for any practical advice any of you can give,

      Sandra & Mike, Lamia, Storm, Siouxsie, Piggy, Cipher and Angel
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