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Re: HCM/CHF and CRF--managing the two (and to this group)

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  • Susan
    Hi to everyone here....... sorry, I haven t been around lately, been spending all of my time with Gremmi instead of being on the internet. But I do want to
    Message 1 of 2 , May 4, 2004
      Hi to everyone here.......
      sorry, I haven't been around lately, been spending all of my time with Gremmi instead
      of being on the internet.
      But I do want to thank you all for your help in the past.........
      And you all know who you are......
      Gremmi is doing OK, although, I will be writing to you soon.
      Something is going on with her, something new.
      I just checked this board out for the first time in probably 6 weeks.
      So I have no updates on any of you or your kitties.
      I hope all of you and your kitties are doing well.
      I just saw this post from Maxine, and I just had to respond.
      Will be writing to this board soon.
      Send me an email and get me caught up on your kitties, PLEASE.
      There is so many posts to go thru to get caught up and I really don't have any time.
      Thanks group, Take Care.
      Susan and Gremmi is still hanging in there.
      That's why I decided to post my response to Maxine to this board.
      Love you all....... You're a GREAT GROUP OF PEOPLE........

      Hi Maxine,
      Welcome to the "Minority Group of HCM/CRF and CHF Kitties".
      As you have found out probably, there is only a few of us who are going thru this.
      Some of us are lucky that we still have our kitties, and some are unfortunate to have
      lost this battle before they knew what hit them.

      I have been away from both boards, CRF and this Heart group for awhile.
      Switched to the heart group when Gremmi had her first bout with CHF back in October
      of last year.
      I found a lot of help from them.
      They pulled me thru some very tough times.
      I haven't been to the CRF group for quite awhile.
      As you know, that group's post is fast and furious with posts, and it is hard to keep up
      with that group.

      Today is my first day back checking out the heart board.
      Found your post, and wanted to respond.
      Sorry for it being so late.

      I know what you are going thru, and sometimes it seems that no one is helping. And it
      is hard to understand all of this, and it is also hard to cope with at times.
      I went thru many months trying to figure this out on my own.
      I did get the basic foundation that I needed from my vet spec.
      But he figured that Gremmi wouldn't last long back in Oct.
      And I didn't have a decent reg. vet at the time, and I couldn't get him to call me back.
      So I was forced to figure things out on my own.
      Gremmi has taught me well. I finally found a great reg vet who will now take my calls,
      and will also alert my specialist when needed.
      She is close to being a specialist herself, so I use her now more then Him, the

      I have a very long story to tell that may help you, but I don't have the time to tell it.

      Regarding the wobbelyness, I figured that to be Gremmi in CHF.
      I would give her a whole 12.5 lasix, in addition to her daily doses.
      We also put her on Enacard/Enalapril which was for the CHF.

      And for the blood clots, my vet changed her aspirin routine to 40mg. Mon-Wed-Fri, this
      giving her Sat and Sun a break from the aspirin.

      And regarding the Atenolol, I found out that you don't want to decrease it, you may
      need to up it.

      Anyway, I'll try to make this short.
      Prior to Oct/CHF.........
      Gremmi was dealing with HCM for about 5 yrs.
      On Atenolol, 1 pill daily @ 25mgs.
      (Yes, I know that this is a high dose for a 7-8 lb cat.)
      And 1/2 aspirin every third day.
      And for the CRF....
      As you know this increases with time.
      Back before her CHF bout, she was getting 250ml once a day.

      And she also has Hyper thyroidism.
      1 Tapazole once a day.

      That was then, so this is now............

      So for the CHF,
      She is on Enacard 1mg tabs twice a day.
      Although, some weeks I have to give this to her three times a day when she is in at the
      beginning of CHF.
      I have learned from her now how to recognize the symptoms.
      This week, she is on this drug 3x day, last week was twice a day.
      And the lasix and fluids is the hardest to balance.
      This week, Gremmi's lasix dose is 12.5 mg in am, and 12.5 before bed, PLUS a 1/2 lasix
      maybe once or twice during the day.
      Last week it was just 1 pill twice a day. This amount worked for quite a while until this
      And as far as fluids....... Last week and before that, she was doing good on 75-100ml of
      fluids daily.
      This week..........
      She is getting about 50-75mls. Even with higher doses of lasix.
      Her absorption rate seems slow this week.
      So this tells me something is going on with her.
      Haven't figured that one out yet.
      Been meaning to go to the board for some answers to this one.

      Today, she is on 1 1/2 Atenolol "divided" up twice a day.

      And regarding the Atenolol, we kept it at one pill a day until this past Feb. when she
      started with a heart murmur of 3-4 grade, then she went into CHF again, hard.
      I couldn't figure out why if she was being treated already with drugs to keep it under
      control. Talked with my vet, she suggested not to up it.
      Couldn't pull her out of the CHF, so I figured what the hell, I had to do something. So I
      upped the atenolol to 1 1/2.
      This pulled her out of it, took her to her specialist, he did an ultrasound of every
      organ, said she was doing great. Heart back to normal, no heart murmur, kidneys was
      still the same, small as usual.
      That was back in Feb/March can't remember, Feb was a blur for me due to Gremmi
      almost dying.

      So the bottom line here is that Gremmi is dictating what I do next for her.
      Each day is different. Sometimes you go along for weeks at a time and keep doing the
      same thing, then other times, when she begins to get weak and wobbly, you have to
      figure out what that is all about.
      I use a stethoscope to listen to her heart, that helps me a lot.
      If her heart sound ok, then I give her an additional dose of lasix, and after and hour or
      so, if she is better, then I know it to be CHF.
      I also have some oxygen for her when I feel that she is in the beginning of CHF, this
      helps her, but the lasix helps more.

      Anyway, I know you have probably talked with Dana and Deena, they helped my out a
      lot, and also Susan and Jen. "Susan" <somnamblst>.
      Dana and Deena both have different approaches to dealing with their own cats, and my
      approach is completely different then theirs.
      But mine works for Gremmi, so each cat is different.
      And only you know your own cat.
      Gotta go, if you have any questions, feel free to email me.
      If I can't answer any of your questions......
      I know the ones who can.......... LOL

      Take care,
      Susan and Gremmi (btw, Gremmi is almost 20 yrs old.)

      If you want to go back on my posts while I was dealing with this issue.
      Let me know, I'll send you the message subject and msg number.
      These may help you as well. It's not so much my questions, but the answers that I got
      from this group that helped me to figure it all out.

      Good Luck, and since I am late to respond, could you give me an update?
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