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update from Yuki's mother

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  • Cecilia Sullivan CVT
    Hi all, As I type this, a little bundle of fur is curled up next to me, passed out from a morning of play. If I didn t know better, I d say that Yuki got to
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2004
      Hi all,
      As I type this, a little bundle of fur is curled up next to me,
      passed out from a morning of play.
      If I didn't know better, I'd say that Yuki got to work right away
      after she crossed to the Other Side, sending an injured Siamese
      kitten to our campus--scant more than 24 hours after she passed on.
      At the time, I was a bit too consumed by grief to really consider
      adopting this little squirt; nevertheless, *something* compelled
      me to take a second and third look. I don't know if it was the way
      he kneaded his little towel when I looked at him, or the fact that
      the student who brought him in had no money to have him properly
      treated, but I couldn't get this little guy out of my head.
      He was about seven weeks old, infested with fleas, and had an avulsed
      lower lip (detached due to trauma). In itself, the injury was not a
      real big deal, but the problem was that the injury was about two
      weeks old, meaning that it was too late to just sew things back up.
      In any case, it's not a huge defect--just gives him a kind of Bubba
      Gump look. As he grows, the scar may contract, and he could very
      well have a perfectly normal face with no medical help. If not, then
      he can have surgical reconstruction when it is neuter time.
      So you guessed it: After ten days of debating, the kitten came home
      with me and has been christened with the name of Misha. Now flea-
      free, vaccinated, dewormed, bathed, and has his very own blue Beastie
      Band collar with little bees emblazoned on it, Misha has got Bobby--
      who was quite depressed after losing Yuki--playing and acting like a
      big kitten again.
      It is great fun to watch a little tyke go racing past the doorway
      with Bobby in hot pursuit, and five seconds later to see Bobby
      whizzing by with little Misha right on his tail, feeling like a Big
      Yuki's ashes are right next to my bed, in a wooden box with a brass
      plaque I had engraved with some words of love. My daughter is flying
      down for Mother's Day with the fused glass pieces made with another
      bit of Yuki's ashes.
      The remaining bit of Yuki's cremains will be going back to Oregon
      with my daughter, where Yuki was born, to be spread among the flowers
      and trees.
      After some introspection and recalling those last weeks and days, I
      realized how very lucky we all were that Yuki enjoyed such a normal
      life until the very end. Only a few days before she passed away, she
      was going bonkers over the smell of Ivory soap on Duane's arm, and as
      I mentioned in an earlier post, on her final night here on Earth, she
      snuggled up with me for one last session of purring and kneading,
      which I was deeply touched to be the recipient of.
      I had guilted myself out so much over not having gotten her into ICU
      for aggressive treatment, etc., but after reading about some of the
      harrowing experiences that some of you and your beautiful cats have
      endured at life's end, it occurred to me that both Yuki and I had
      been blessed by what turned out to be a short period of illness and a
      swift and quiet passing here at home, where Yuki was happiest.
      Yuki, being half Siamese, had a penchant for Siamese and Siamese-
      cross kittens. I rescued so many babies, but Yuki definitely loved
      the colorpoints the best--coincidence? It feels like devine
      intervention by the most loving and gentle cat I ever had the honor
      to love (except when it was nail-trim time).
      My thoughts and prayers are with all of you, and I sense that Yuki's
      out there somewhere giving the high-sign with her little dark mitt.

      There is a still a void that will never be filled
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