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Re: [FH] Update on Jax......

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  • Trix N' Pix
    Trixie eats what Trixie wants. We made a deal a while back. I would only interfere with her lifestyle only to take her pills. She on the otherhand is willing
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 30, 2004
      Trixie eats what Trixie wants. We made a deal a while
      back. I would only interfere with her lifestyle only
      to take her pills. She on the otherhand is willing to
      keep biting me to a minimum.

      She's now eating Eukanuba Lamb and Rice. She has
      gained 3 lbs since diagnosis. She is a dry food eater
      also. She will only lap around a little with canned

      It's been almost a year since diagnois and she's still
      hanging in there. Fiesty as ever. Don't worry about
      the slowing down thing. Trixie is arthritic and
      anytime she is just up and about wandering around
      trying to get into trouble is a good thing.

      --- sheljax1 <sheljax1@...> wrote:
      > Hi everyone,
      > I hope you are all doing ok, and although we all
      > have pets that are
      > ill, I want you to know you are all in my thoughts
      > and prayers.
      > I quess finding this group was a miracle for me, as
      > Jax was just dxd
      > techniclly with HCM.
      > I knew he had hyperthyroidism, and an enlarged
      > heart, but had to know
      > the diagnosis, and I am in the right group thats for
      > sure.
      > Jax had a good week and then friday night he was
      > playing and all of a
      > sudden, he was gasping for air, it scared me so bad.
      > But I had
      > remembered what my sister had told me to do if this
      > were to happen,
      > pick him up, and put him on my shoulders, as this
      > will stretch out
      > the lungs, and HE CAME RIGHT OUT OF THE SPELL, JUST
      > LIKE THAT....
      > So took him back to vets sat, and of course the
      > lasex has to be
      > increased as he had some fluid building up, xray did
      > not show alot of
      > fluid, but enough to that was causing such labored
      > breathing, as you
      > are all aware of.
      > Vet told me I cant keep Jax from playing, but I am
      > to stop playing
      > with him, that his playing days are over. Its so sad
      > when he brings
      > his toys to me, as he has always played fetch, and
      > now we cant.
      > Breaks my heart to have him look up at me and not
      > understand why I am
      > not throwing his toys so he can fetch them for me.
      > He lays around resting more than he ever did, he
      > never did lay around
      > like my girl Shelby, he was always up and playing,
      > now I know why. He
      > never was like a cat, more like a dog.
      > I asked the vet if it were his pet would he put him
      > down, he says no
      > way, he says his quality of life will slow down, and
      > things wont be
      > same for him, but that he is not suffering and that
      > he is treatable.
      > I did not ask him how long he would live with these
      > diseases, but I
      > know he is not god, and theres no way he could
      > answer that I am sure.
      > He wants to put him on canned food that is for the
      > heart, and cannot
      > get in in the dry food, and I know Jax will never
      > eat it, and having
      > another cat, makes it even harder. I am not sure
      > what to do about
      > this problem.
      > Can anyone help me here? I forget what the vet said
      > it was called.
      > But I know both my cats from kittens on would never
      > eat canned food,
      > I tried them on it when they were too little for the
      > dry and no way
      > no how would they have anything to do with it.
      > Jax is thin enough now, without having him on
      > something he will not
      > eat, or do you think he would adjust to it? He was
      > on Hills K/D which
      > although he does not have kidney disease, the
      > previous vet said this
      > has less nitrogen in it, and that helps the heart
      > not have to work as
      > hard to digest the food. Otherwise he has always
      > been on Eukanuba by
      > Iams.
      > So today his labored breathing is somewhat better,
      > probably will take
      > a few days with the increase in the lasex. His heart
      > beats have
      > slowed down and the vet is very pleased with this,
      > and his thyroid
      > levels are now where they should be, so thats all a
      > godo thing.
      > I appreciate any help and ideas anyone has, as this
      > disease is all
      > new to me, and I have alot to learn I think.
      > Take care all of you, god bless you and your
      > precious little kids.
      > Love Karen, Jax and Shelby
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