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Experience and Advice on Using Advantage

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  • macdebbiex
    I ve seen a couple of posts here which reference Advantage, and just wanted to share my experience for what it s worth. My husband and purchased a new home
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2004
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      I've seen a couple of posts here which reference Advantage, and just
      wanted to share my experience for what it's worth.

      My husband and purchased a new home about 3 1/2 years ago. Little
      did we know at the time, that the previous owners had a cat AND a
      ferret, both of whom had fleas.

      Shortly after we moved in, Scooter, the love of my life, who I lost 3
      weeks ago to a heart-related incident, was a healthy, lively and
      happy 14 year old at that time.

      I thought she had some sort of allergy, so brought her to the vet,
      who told us we had "bought a big headache", and that Scooter had
      fleas. Scooter was an indoor cat, and I had never experienced having
      a cat with fleas, so had no clue what to do. The vet told me there
      was a very safe product he used called Advantage, and suggested we
      give Scooter the first dose that night. Being that Scooter almost
      died from Penicillin at age one, I was paranoid with her and meds. I
      grilled the vet about it's safety, and he said he knew of no adverse
      reactions. Scooter was completely healthy at that point, other than
      an occaisional hairball.

      We gave Scooter her first dose that night, and after about 1-2 hours,
      she vomited white foam, tinged with pink. Panicked, I called the
      vet, who told me to watch her. Well, she continued to vomit for
      almost one month, and remained in a "lump" on the bed, not moving for
      that whole time. I must have brought her to the vet 15 times during
      that month, and toward the latter part, she stopped eating, and then
      to my horror would not even drink. She was given fluids,
      antibiotics, another round of fluids, more antibiotics, and through
      the grace of God pulled through. I know that we were very, very
      close to losing her.

      I knew immediately the day after I gave her the Advantage that she
      was having some sort of reaction to it. Not being aware of what to
      do, I listened to the vet, who said he didn't think it was that, and
      I called the # on the back of the package for help as they instruct
      if your cat is having problems with it. The woman I spoke with at
      Bayer was very rude to me and only said "Well, your cat is almost 15
      you know, what do you expect. She can't be healthy her whole life.
      it has nothing to do with our product". I was so turned off by their
      attitude, and the fact they would not even help me.

      Later, through extensive research, I learned that many, many cats
      have reactions to this product, mostly "elderly" cats, even when they
      are healthy. The reactions range from lethargy and lack of appetite,
      to seizure and death. Every cat is different. This has been
      documented by many vets. I also learned that the best thing to do is
      ANY reaction is spotted, is to immediately wash the cat with warm
      water and a gentle dish detergent to get as much of the product off
      as possible, and to seek veterinary assistance.

      This is only my opinion because this scared the life out of me, but I
      would NEVER use this product on an "older" cat again, nor a cat that
      was ill in any manner. If I ever used it again (which I won't), I
      would request the "kitten" dose. After this experience, I would take
      the effort to manually remove the fleas with comb, and soak them in
      soapy water to kill them and vacuum and scrub my house daily rather
      than resort to chemicals. This is what we did after Scooter
      recovered, and it was very effective. The fleas were gone very
      shortly after.

      I think we all have to be careful of products that claim to be "100%
      safe". As my own physician told me - EVERY product has a side effect
      in humans, even apirin, it just is more pronounced in some people
      than others. I think this is also true of animal meds.
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