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Re: [FH] Change in diet

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  • savionna@aol.com
    In a message dated 3/21/04 9:25:29 AM, sandra_scanlon@hotmail.com writes:
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 30, 2004
      In a message dated 3/21/04 9:25:29 AM, sandra_scanlon@... writes:

      << My girl Boo Kitty has been giving me some eating troubles recenly

      too. Both her cardio and regular vet are aware, and they both seem

      to be in agreement that it is due to our recent loss of her fur

      sibling Stinky. >>

      Have you considered working with an animal communicator and/or with flower
      essences to help Boo with the loss?

      << She definatly has an appetite, it just seems that she wants

      something "different" everyday. >>

      That's not an uncommon issue with cats who have appetite problems. Does the
      cat have symptoms of nausea, such as lip smacking, gagging, mouth smacking,
      chewing on one side of the mouth, dropping food out of the mouth, etc?

      << Mind you, this is tough for us as

      she has an unidentified food allergy. >>

      Have you considered working with a vet who does NAET to identify and treat
      the suspected allergy? For information and practitioners, see

      www.naturalrearing.com/Articles/MarinaZacharias/NAET/N.A.E.T..html and

      << I originally though

      her allergy was to Chicken, but now I'm not so sure as I have found

      a few foods which do not contain chicken, but seem to flare her

      allergies up anyway >>

      It's often not that straightforward. The cat may have a reaction to
      chicken...but that reaction can be influenced by various other factors. These incl how
      the chicken was raised (eg what it ate; whether it received steroids,
      antibiotics, growth hormones, etc) and processed (whether the flesh was rendered,
      whether ethoxyquin was used); the amount of chicken in the food (eg, the cat may
      be fine with 1 oz but not with 2 oz); and other ingredients in the food (eg the
      cat may be fine with chicken and sweet potato but not chicken and corn).
      Alternately, the cat may not be allergic to chicken at all...but may be reacting
      to another ingredient in the product(s).

      << (I've been trying to stay in the seafood realm -

      Avoderm has a seafood that she likes, and there are 2 Fancy Feast

      with only seafood ingredients and no meat by products). >>

      Fish is a common cat allergen. I'm not saying your cat reacts to it...just
      that the potential exists.

      << I have not tried Wellness as they

      all contain Chicken >>

      The new Turkey + Salmon flavor contains chicken liver, but not chicken muscle

      << If anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it. >>

      NAET can be a very effective technique in identifying and eliminating
      allergies. It is painless, drugfree, and noninvasive. What we call "allergy" is not
      really about the "allergen" (ie, the subtance) itself. It's about a defect in
      the immune system, which overreacts to an otherwise "harmless" substance. There
      are various techniques besides NAET that can help support the immune system
      so that it doesn't react pathologically.
      // Rosemary
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