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  • Debbie (Debsie)
    First of all, my cat Chief had a 4/6 grade murmur, it s is now around 1/2 and very faint. Chief is only 3 years old too and we found out he had heart disease
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 27, 2004
      First of all, my cat Chief had a 4/6 grade murmur, it's is now around 1/2 and very faint. Chief is only 3 years old too and we found out he had heart disease right after his first birthday.

      I would get an ultrasound from your vet and if they don't do it ask where you can get one. I travel 1 1/2 hours for Chief's appointments because no one around here does it. It will tell them the amount of damage and what kind. Chief takes Atenolol and that's it. Those pills are pretty cheap. The cost for the ultrasound varies as I found out from state to state. Chief was going to the scan every 6 months but this last time his tests weren't as good so we have to take him back for a 3-4 month scan to see if the upped dosage of his pills helped. I don't have him on any special diet and none was suggested to me. Chief also has a sister, Bailey and they play and fight and chase each other and you would never think he had a heart problem. So I would say it wouldn't be bad for him to have 2 sisters.

      The cardiologist told me Chief can live a long time but not as long as my past cats at age 17 and 18. I guess more around 10-11. As long as we keep up on his appointments and treatment.

      You can also get yourself a cheap stethoscope and check his heart rate. They want Chief's no higher than 150. You can test it by taking it for 15 seconds and times it by 4.

      Debbie and Chief

      d703lac <nushikitty@...> wrote:
      Hi all. I am new to this group. I am an animal lover and work at the
      Connecticut Humane Society as an animal socializer. There is a cat
      there up for adoption that has a Stage 5 heart murmur. He is three
      years old, was abandoned in an apartment and upon surrender at the
      HSUS by the landlord this murmur was detected through his medical
      check. I currently have two female cats, I had a male that I lost to
      cancer. I know my two females will tolerate a male in the household.
      My question is that I have no idea as to anything regarding this
      illness. My fear is that this cat will die in the shelter alone with
      noone to love him. I had decided some time ago that any future
      animals I adopt will be special needs because I want to be able to
      give them as much love and comfort in the final stages of their life.
      Can someone give me an overview of what it is like dealing with this
      illness, i.e. symptoms, things to watch out for/avoid, diet, vet
      costs, how often they need to go to the vet, etc.?? And do I need to
      be aware of anything regarding my other two cats (I'm not sure if cats
      with this illness are better off being the only cat in the household).
      Looking forward to your feedback - I have a cat on my keyboard that
      needs attention so I have to run. Thanks so much!

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