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Re: GREAT NEWS! Gremmi looks like she is going to make it, her update......

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    ... Hello Susan and Gremmi! That s such fantastic news!!! I am glad to hear Gremmi is doing so well and that you trusted your instincst or intuition over the
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1, 2004
      Hello Susan and Gremmi!

      That's such fantastic news!!! I am glad to hear Gremmi is doing so
      well and that you trusted your instincst or intuition over the doctors
      (at least at that point). I too had a very similar experience with
      Sunshine (actually we brought her home from the specialist to die at
      home) but instead she survived and got stronger over time. after I
      discovered how they were actually killing her there I decided to be
      her "Doctor" and follow my intuition and now she is doing great. I
      had someone else in the group write to me saying exactly what you
      mentioned, that often doctors give up too easily especially when
      confronted by a crisis. I know two doctors were telling me to put
      Sunshine to sleep, but the last one a mobil vet, saw into her eyes and
      told me she was wanting to live, which is what I felt Sunshine was
      telling me and everything changed for the better from that moment on.
      I am reading Deepak Chopra's book about aging and he says animals,
      cats can live to 30 years just like some humans can live till 100 or
      more. So, you never know, one day at a time is fantastic and I
      consider each day with Sunshine and the rest of my furry babies a
      blessing never to be taken for granted. You helped save Gremmi's life
      and took great care of her, glad to hear you are now taking the time
      to sleep and catch up on your own rest now that your little girl is
      over the crisis.
      what a miracle!

      Love and Blessings
      I. Marjorie and Sunshine

      In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "Susan" <gremmilyn@y...> wrote:
      > I have gotten a few emails wanting updates on Gremmi, and I have
      been trying
      > to put out a post for the last few days, but I have been so very
      tired and brain
      > dead.
      > So here is my attempt to get you up to date on Gremmi Lyn.
      > Please excuse any paragraphs that don't make sense. And some are
      > Together, it should all make sense, hopefully.
      > Thank you all for all of your concern. I believed that it is what
      got Gremmi
      > thru all of this. Your emails, and your concern and your prayers.
      > I thank you all so very much.
      > RESPONDED !!!!!
      > Ok ppl, this is a two parter. This first part I tried to write
      earlier, when I
      > was still tired. Then I scraped it, and began to write another
      post. The second
      > one was written after I took a nap, and was much shorter. Then I
      decided to
      > include the first part for the people who hasn't gone thru this with
      me this
      > past week. The ones thru private email has, Thank you all so very much.
      > And yes I feel like an idiot, but this story could be so very long,
      poor Gremmi
      > went thru hell and back, and now she's getting better, and I am left
      sick and
      > exhausted. But I am recovering........
      > But it's all about her.........
      > So here's the first post:
      > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      > I can make this a long version, or I can make this a short version.
      > I will start off with the short version............
      > As most of you know, Gremmi was dying and she had a bad bout with
      CHF last
      > weekend.
      > Actually started Feb 18, (Wed) and continued to Thurs and Friday of
      last week.
      > She was so bad that I actually thought of putting her down Friday
      night, the
      > 20th.
      > So I decided that she was dying, and that I was going to trying
      anything to get
      > her out of the CHF, even if it meant killing her.
      > At that point, I felt that my vet and vet specialist had given up on
      her because
      > she had so many problems and she is "Old"...... They certainly do
      that with
      > humans also.
      > I wasn't getting any call backs from either. So I figured that I
      had to do
      > something, anything that may help. I had already resolved to the
      fact that the
      > end was near.
      > So what else did I have to lose...........
      > I decided to up her meds, even tho she is already on high doses of
      > everything........
      > And lower her fluids.
      > I noticed that Sat that she began to get better. Sun even better,
      Mon. and with
      > each day a "little" better. I knew that I pulled her out of CHF,
      because I was
      > able to back off on the lasix. That told me that her heart was
      working better.
      > But she was still plagued with weakness and being tired and not
      wanting to
      > eat.
      > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      > And here's the second post:
      > ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      > Gremmi is doing better.
      > Finally got her in to see her vet specialist.
      > I got her CHF under control. As I said before, I upped her meds and
      lowered her
      > lasix.
      > He agreed with everything that I had done, after he did an
      ultrasound of her
      > heart, kidneys, liver, bladder and stomach.
      > Said he was amazed at her results. Her heart is working properly,
      her heart
      > murmur is now back to barely being able to hear. Everything was
      normal, if
      > not normal, like kidneys, they were still the same.
      > He discovered that she has inflammation in the spine that was
      touching a
      > nerve that was making her weak while eliminating waste, like urine
      and stool.
      > And she wasn't eating.
      > She was also in pain, due to the inflammation/arthritis in spine. I
      did not
      > realize this.
      > Suspected that her kidneys and gut was inflamed, and possibly
      bladder as well.
      > Gave a steroid shot for the inflammation. And said that should
      increase her
      > appetite as well.
      > This was really a long story, but I wanted to make it short. And
      more to the
      > point.
      > Poor Jen got the very very long version..... But that's because she
      is so smart
      > about all of this, and I was real tired, trying to get it all in.
      Sry Jen.
      > Today, Gremmi and I went outside for a short walk. It was sunny and
      > out.
      > She had to go down stairs, about 12 of them, and then over to the
      > house.
      > Back up the neighbors stairs, same amount of stairs. We visited the
      > she sniffed around and then we walked back home. Our houses are
      only about
      > 30-40 ft apart.
      > She did very well, considering that she's been cooped up in her room
      for the
      > last several weeks with very little activity.
      > Anyway, I could of made this a very long story.
      > But, I realized two things.
      > 1. Who knew that inflammation could kill?
      > Inflammation can kill....... It was killing Gremmi, and I didn't
      know it.
      > I almost put her down over thinking it was old age and her heart
      giving out.
      > Both vets had me believing that one. Plus she wasn't eating,
      > that alone would of done her in.
      > And,
      > 2. Things happen for a reason.
      > Regardless of wether you believe in God, the Universe or a higher
      > You have to go thru hell before you can find out the truth.
      > Because, If she had gone to the vet specialist a week ago Wednesday
      > originally scheduled, the vet would of only treated the CHF and
      would not have
      > found the inflammation problem.
      > And then he really would of given up on her, thinking I was unable
      to pull her
      > out of her bout. He felt that way the first time. His prognosis
      for her then
      > was very poor with a week to a few months. That was back in October.
      > His prognosis now is very good. I told him that I just wanted her
      to survive
      > till June, for her 20th birthday, he said she should survive that
      and more.
      > And he never gives out good prognosis'.
      > I told him not to give me any false hope, and again, he reassured me
      that she
      > would survive thru June and beyond. I want to believe, but for now,
      I am just
      > grateful one day at a time. Each and everyday...........
      > Anyway, I am now totally Brain Fried, and am going to send this as is.
      > Thank you all so very much for caring. You are a great group of people.
      > And I love this group a lot, you all have been a great help, and I
      don't believe it
      > could of been done without all of you.
      > Thanks so very much, I just hope we are out of the woods now, and
      things get
      > back to normal.
      > Hugs to all of you,
      > Can you feel Gremmi's hugs and love?
      > Susan and Gremmi Lyn
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