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I had to put her down last night...

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  • altbearing@aol.com
    Hi there, First of all, I m going to start with I don t know what I am looking for or want... it s too late and it all happened so fast. I was away from 2/20
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2004
      Hi there,

      First of all, I'm going to start with I don't know what I am looking
      for or want... it's too late and it all happened so fast. I was away
      from 2/20 - 2/23. I never leave them alone for more than 4 days, in
      which they are usually fine. I own two cats, a Siamese who is 9
      (Princess) and a Maine Coon who is 7(Mia)... both shelter rescues. I
      have had them both since they were about 2 months old.

      When I came back on Monday, I couldn't find Princess. She was hiding
      on the side of the washing machine. Now, typical of Siamese, she was
      a loud mouth, boisterous one... and would usually be at the door to
      yell at me :)

      After I found her, I noticed her right front paw was limp. She was
      dragging it and walking on her joint. It was already 1 AM. so I went
      on line and figured she got it caught up somewhere and had radial
      nerve damage, since cardiomyopathy normally starts in the back legs.
      I brought her to the vet in the morning, as she was not in pain that
      night and he said she had to have gotten caught up somewhere. He
      gave me 5 days of prednisone and said to see what happened. Not good
      enough for me, so on Thursday, I brought her to a different vet. He
      said the same thing... radial nerve damage. She may get the use of
      the paw back, may not.

      Well, my husband got home from a 2 week business trip yesterday. I
      really think she waited for him. She was her normal self, besides
      the leg, all day yesterday. When I got home from work I made

      Around 9:00 we heard something in the laundry room, where their
      litter boxes are and food, etc. I went in and Princess was laying in
      the Rubbermaid auto box. She was crying and literally had to throw
      her body out of it. She came into the hallway for a little while.
      Around 11:15, we heard another noise (thank God we were still up, as
      we have the TV on in the bedroom with the door closed and may not
      have heard her... we normally go to bed around 11)in the laundry
      room. John went over and she was laying in the other litter box
      crying. I picked her up out of it and put her on the floor and she
      couldn't stand up. I brought her out into the living room so we
      could watch her and see if there was any change. She kept crying and
      flipping around on the floor, trying to get up on her back legs. I
      immediately went to the phone book to call the 24 hour animal

      We put her in the car and I was in the back seat holding her as my
      husband made every light of that 15 minute drive. We ran in and I
      told the nurse everything... also that I didn't think it was HCM
      because it was in her front right paw, but now that she had no use of
      her back paws, I thought different.

      The doctor came in and said I had correctly diagnosed her. Her back
      legs were cold and starting to turn blue... they took a needle and
      pricked her on both and got no blood. They said it was too late,
      that even if they started her on meds, there was no guarantee that
      she would get her legs back, nor ever be the same. They said she was
      in so much pain and the best thing to do would be to euthanize.

      I am thankful this all happened so quick. I have been on the
      internet all morning and I keep beating myself up, as if there was
      something else I could have done. This all came on SO fast and was
      never detected.. not even by the two vets this week who both listened
      to her heart.

      SO, I guess I just needed to get that out. To all of you that this
      has happened to, I so empathize. I keep telling myself I did the best
      I could for her, but it doesn't make it hurt any less.....

      Stacey Freeman
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