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RE: [FH] Re: Cat just diagnosed with Restricted Cardiomyopthy

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  • Marjorie Blaine
    I think we all need to make our own decisions about whether holistic treatment is right for our beloved cats. I have been using an holistic vet for over 7
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 9, 2004
      I think we all need to make our own decisions about whether holistic
      treatment is right for our beloved cats. I have been using an holistic vet
      for over 7 years now and the herbs have helped out in areas where
      traditional medicine never could. Specifically, my 20 year old cat
      developed asthma at 13. The allopathic vet wanted to immediately put her on
      prednisone which only treats the symptom and does not address the problem.
      That is when I switched vets. My holistic vet also practices allopathic
      medicine and I think this is very important because I would agree there are
      some cases where traditional meds are more appropriate than herbs and a good
      holistic vet knows that, too. Through the use of herbs, my asthmatic cat
      has not coughed since we started her on them and her lungs look
      beautiful--they don't make that ssshhshing sound either--nice and clear.

      I would also agree that with HCM, there comes a time when atenolol and the
      other meds are appropriate and necessary. There may also be herbs which are
      not contraindicated which may be used. I have read the info on dan shen
      (which my vet has prescribed) and I know it cannot be used in combination
      with any of the blood thinners (heparin, warfarin, etc). but I do not want
      the toxicity of aspirin. My vet has carefully studied and used dan shen and
      believes it is not toxic and can be used as an anti-coagulant (NOT w/heparin
      or warfarin). Regardless of whether you use dan shen, aspirin, or
      heparin/warfarin, there is no guarantee your cat will not throw a clot.
      What is important in the use of herbs is that you use products which are
      guaranteed in their purity. My vet goes to great lengths to make sure we
      are using these kinds of herbs.

      We all are dealing with different aspects of this disease. Each of us must
      treat our beloved cat in the manner we feel most appropriate. Let's be open
      to helping each other that way. Even tho my cat is currently asymptomatic,
      I know that if his heart rate and/or BP become high, I will have to put him
      on atenolol or dilatiazem and I will highly regard the advice of those who
      have been through this.

      Thanks very much and I hope all your kitties are doing well.

      Sitka,Teddi,Gus,and Max

      >From: "turkishangoraathumanesociety"
      >To: feline-heart@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [FH] Re: Cat just diagnosed with Restricted Cardiomyopthy
      >Date: Fri, 06 Feb 2004 18:29:51 -0000
      >Lisa...Please stick with the Cardiologist for this type of thing.
      >Remember that Holistic herbs are in no way regulated, meaning they do
      >not have to be proven to be what they say they are or do what they
      >say they do...In many instances, people end up putting their pets in
      >more danger by using those things. Restricted Cardiomyopathy is a
      >very serious disease, which, when treated properly by a great
      >Cardiologist, can lead to the cat living a great, seemingly
      >miraculous life. This is not the sniffles, and should be treated by
      >a Cardiologist alone...Sorry to be harsh, but it is so true... I have
      >a cat with HCM, and I credit her specialists for her being alive...Be
      >sure your cat is getting enough Taurine in it's diet, too, and a
      >good, nutritious, low sodium food (Innova is a great choice). Good
      >luck, and I hope kitty does well...the meds are really important, and
      >a necessity to ensure proper heart function, and to keep the fluids
      >out. You said your baby has a clot...Did they use any Heparin for
      >that? Just curious...
      >--- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "rawkitttybrothers" <lisa@s...>
      > > Hi Folks:
      > >
      > > I was referred here by another member, but didnt have time to lurk.
      >I just found out
      > > last week that my 8-1/2 year old kitty Milo has Restricted
      >Cardiomyopthy, on the
      > > right side, with an existing blood clot. He apppeared to be
      >healthy his whole life, then
      > > after this new year stopped eating and playing.
      > >
      > > The coughing started and then labored breathing and a rush to the
      >vet where was
      > > diagnosed with pleural efflusion (fluid filled the sac around the
      >lungs) and had
      > > an emergency thoracocentisis (manual extraction of fluid from the
      >pleural cavity
      > > with a needle under anesthesia) to save his life.
      > >
      > > This happened twice already, and then a visit to the cardiologist
      >who gave us
      > > the diagnosis and a lot of pills (many of which are diuretics to
      >help keep the fluid
      > > out of the lung cavity), and the advice to stay on a low salt diet.
      >That night he went
      > > raw. He actually demanded it - since he stole a chicken wing out of
      >the dogs dinner
      > > bowl and ravaged it. =) Made a momma proud! Especially since he
      >hadnt eaten in
      > > about 3 weeks.
      > >
      > > Anyways, sorry for the long post - especially since its my first
      >one - but I need to find
      > > out if anyone else out there is dealing with this, and how?
      >Although the "FIVE"
      > > prescriptions he was given ARE working on keeping him alive at this
      >point, I am
      > > scheduled to meet with a holistic vet next week to learn of any
      >other options.
      > >
      > > Thanks for having me on the list, and I look foward to meeting you
      >and learning from
      > > your varied experiences.
      > >
      > > Lisa and the kitty brothers

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