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Gingivitis & Plaque Treatment Ideas

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    Mr Pepe had his follow up yesterday with the holistic vet. Overall, he continues to WOW everyone on his ability to heal and bounce back. The majority of his
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2004
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      Mr Pepe had his follow up yesterday with the holistic vet. Overall, he
      continues to WOW everyone on his ability to heal and bounce back. The
      majority of his body systems (which were weak last month) are now mostly
      balanced & strong. There is a mild adrenal imbalance but much improved.
      His rabies vaccinosis is now 90% clear which is amazing considering how
      severe it was and how quickly it has cleared. (If you consider that he only
      has had 2 rabies shots in his life...this is kinda scary that he had such
      severe vaccinosis) He has no other types of vaccinosis which is hindering
      ability to heal - yea! His heart & kidneys are surprisingly strong, but his
      lungs continue to be his biggest problem. Even his emotional issues were
      gone and her muscle testing was validated by him bossing all humans and
      canines around at the clinic. He has no nutritional difficiencies which
      shocked me since his diet consists of about 75% veal heart. Complete &
      balanced it is NOT.

      Our next step is going back to Tufts for a repeat echo, bloods and med eval.
      I share this story because it really illustrates how to integrate
      traditional & alternative medicine, IMHO. My holistic vet uses a combo of
      modalities to determine an individual treatment plan. Most things she is
      confident on treating, but others she wants a specialist to handle. When
      lasix was tested on him using AK, he showed that he needed a dosage increase
      from 6 to 10 mgs. This was validated by his traditional physical exam.
      When she tested enalapril, he needed a decrease from 2.5 to 1.25. This was
      also validated by physical exam. Finally AK indicated that adding a beta
      blocker was not needed at this time which physical exam also indicated. She
      was ok with increasing his lasix, but wanted a cardiologist to make the call
      on the enalapril and beta blockers. To me this is a sign of a great vet:
      knowing their individual strengths & weaknesses, admitting to them, and
      knowing where to go for the best answers.

      Now to my question. I'm getting concerned about progressing tartar buildup
      and gingivitis. The vet wasn't overly concerned, but I see a definate
      worsening in both his gums & teeth. Where his LV values are off the chart,
      he is obviously a very poor anesthesia candidate. He has always been prone
      to plaque, but he ate whole chicken necks which kept it under control. Now
      he won't eat them, so there is nothing which is scraping that tartar away
      and massaging the gums. Brushing is next to impossible since my hands get
      bloody from his claws and the stress sets off breathing problems. He hates
      colloidal silver sprayed in his mouth. I sometimes marinate his meat in CS
      thinking this will get the CS up to the gums. He's already taking coQ10.

      Does anybody have any ideas about ways I can break up the plaque/tartar and
      reduce the inflamation?

      My vet said she has seen some success with Wysong Dentatreat
      http://www.wysong.net/PDFs/dentatreat.pdf. In theory this product sounds
      good. If using on my dog, it would be a piece of cake. For best effect,
      you use it as a toothpaste (yea right). Since I now need to syringe
      tasteless coral calcium into him because he won't eat it mixed with food,
      I'm sure sprinkling this stuff on top of food will go over big.
      Dr Pitcairn recommends Plantain "when not bad enough for major cleaning but
      when there are minor deposit on teeth" which is a pretty accurate
      description of where we are with him.
      The Tilfords have a few herb products for dental health. FidoDent seems the
      most appropriate and I should be able to rub it on his back teeth without
      too much bloodshed: http://www.animalessentials.com/prodinfo.html

      Any hints you guys can pass on would be great. Also, if anyone has
      experience with the above products (especially FidoDent) I would be curious.
      Thanks in advance,

      Deena in Newburyport, MA
      Mr. Pepe: Male, NFC, dx'd 11/03 at 3 yrs, severe HCM, restrictive, severely
      enlarged LA, advanced CHF. Enalapril, Lasix, Aspirin, Dandelion Glycerite,
      CoQ10, Gland & Organ Wafers, Fish Oil, Lyssin, coral calcium, Rescue Remedy.
      Mommy's chiropractic massage to help break up chest congestion.
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