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    Hi Morticia, I m sorry to hear about Spazz, but you have found the right place for advice & comfort. The initial shock is the worst, but it does eventually
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2004
      Hi Morticia,

      I'm sorry to hear about Spazz, but you have found the right place for advice
      & comfort. The initial shock is the worst, but it does eventually pass.
      Here's my 2 cents on some other alternatives you may want to consider. Alot
      depends on Spazz's individual situation and what you are/aren't willing to
      do. If it's any comfort, I was told in November "no hope...cherish every
      minute". Today, Mr Pepe has tons of energy, a big appetite and huge zest
      for life. He is being treated with both traditional medicine at Tufts and
      holistically by a local vet.

      I agree with Susan that you need the opinion of a cardiologist. I don't
      know where you are in Maine, but if Southern you may want to consider
      bringing him to Tufts by Worchester or Angell Memorial in Boston. These are
      some of the best cardiologists in the country and will give you the best
      assessment of Spazz's situation. If it is too far to travel, you can
      probably send his records and have a phone consult. I know nothing of Dr
      Bovee in Stonington, but Dr Mason in Portland was an option for us. (Mr
      Pepe was at the ER in Portsmouth, NH). We chose to take him to Tufts
      figuring they had the edge due to the academic environment.

      It sounds like clots are his immediate concern and depending on what the
      echo showed will determine your options and his prognosis. There are other
      anti-coagulants available such as Fragmin & Lovenox but they are pricey.
      There are also natural clot busters that show promise such as nattokinase &
      garlic (in small doses). Mr Pepe is using aspirin because he is high risk
      of forming clots but does not have any (yet).

      I don't want to give you false hope, but the prognosis may not be as bad as
      you think. The fact that he recovered from 1 clot w/o treatment and the
      other so quickly is unusual. Mr Pepe is the same way. I was given the
      recommendation to PTS because his echo is "off the chart". I wanted him to
      die at home, so sprung him from ICU. 3 days later, he bounced back. When I
      brought him back a week later for his follow-up, I had about 40 vets,
      residents, techs etc look at him in disbelief. The recommendaton then
      became "don't let anyone talk you into euthanasia because he bounces back so
      quickly." My choice to use both traditional and alternative treatment is
      working great for him. I always wanted quality of life, but never imagined
      he would ever be able to enjoy his high-energy activities again. This
      morning he joined us for rover romp and it was great seeing him boss those
      dogs around like he used too. I realize that every situation is different,
      but for him, his HCM/CHF has NOT been the death sentence that I was
      originally told it would be.

      Deena in Newburyport, MA
      Mr. Pepe: Male, NFC, dx'd 11/03 at 3 yrs, severe HCM, restrictive, severely
      enlarged LA, advanced CHF. Enalapril, Lasix, Aspirin, Dandelion Glycerite,
      CoQ10, Gland & Organ Wafers, Fish Oil, Phosphorus,
      coral calcium, Newton Pet Fatigue, Rescue Remedy, Beech/Olive/Rockwood
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