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Sunshine is out of the snow - progress and questions

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    Hello everyone, We ve been snowed in since last Sunday, and I ve had little time to sit as I ve shoveled snow and took care of all our furry children this week
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2004
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      Hello everyone,

      We've been snowed in since last Sunday, and I've had little time to
      sit as I've shoveled snow and took care of all our furry children this
      week on my own (hubby was lucky enough to be on a business trip to CA).

      We all managed well and Sunshine is doing great. She now weights 9.5
      lbs and has an incredible appetite. She loves to go out to our cat
      fenced-in garden (when weather is good and sunny) and runs downs the
      stairs and up, and is feeling so good she's gone back to her old
      mischevious ways like playfully antagonizing Elizabeth (cat) her arch

      I finally (hurray) got an appointment to meet with the head of
      cardiology at the vet college (sans cat) first. And if we don't get
      more snow, I will be taking her to her original vets around the corner
      to do blood work next week. When I get the results I will let you all
      know as I may need help deciphering it.

      I also just got the enalapril but I haven't started her on it, I was
      afraid of any side effects and then I couln't even get out our
      driveway it was so icy (we live out in the country and off the main
      road a bit and on a hill.)

      One of the questions I've had all along was whether Sunshine actually
      has a heart condition or not. I say this because of not only how well
      she is doing even without enalapril, but also because she suffered due
      to the toxicity at the specialty clinic where she was dying. She had
      no murmur or any other indicators that there was anything wrong with
      her heart until she started having an adverse reaction to what they
      were giving her. And once away from the clinic she survived and is

      I guess I will know a bit more when I take her in Tuesday although
      that's not the cardiologist.

      I hope you and your families (human and furry) are all doing well.

      I. Marjorie and Sunshine
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