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  • Eln Lou
    How is Mittens now? I hope the meds work--good luck! Eln ... thought ... breathing a ... concerned ... and as ... 9:30, so Bill ... but more ... could get ...
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 12, 2004
      How is Mittens now? I hope the meds work--good luck!


      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "Linda Fischbach" <fischbl@e...>
      > In the past week, Mittens had gained about half a pound; at first I
      > this was due to worming in December, but noticed that he was
      breathing a
      > little hard. He does have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, so I was
      > about fluid buildup.
      > Mittens seemed better during the night, so Bill went to work early
      and as
      > soon as the vet opened I called for an appointment. We got a
      9:30, so Bill
      > didn't stay at work long.
      > The vet Xrayed, and said there was a little fluid in his stomach,
      but more
      > in the heart/lung area. He called the cardiologist to see if we
      could get
      > in, but they were busy and said they'd call back within 30
      minutes. Since
      > the vet is 25 miles from home in one direction, and the
      cardiologist 70
      > miles in the other, we decided to go home and then find out what was
      > happening.
      > The cardiologist was completely booked, but said we should come in
      via the
      > ER. So, 20 minutes after we got home we were on the road again.
      > DID have fluids; they drained 150ml from his chest. Cardiologist
      said his
      > heart was much larger than in September (bad news), and gave us a
      > prescription for Lasix and for Enipril. They also took some blood
      > bloodwork, and said not to start the enipril until Monday after
      they get the
      > blood work results. All this was done between appointments while
      we were
      > in the waiting room (the vet came out to talk to us about 5
      times). We
      > were there from 1PM to 5PM, and didn't get home until near 7.
      > feels much better and is more active.
      > I sure hope the lasix prevents further fluid buildup, and the
      enipril helps
      > his heart.
      > Long day (10 hours and 190 miles). I haven't read any posts yet,
      > probably won't get to most of them.
      > Linda
      > Bill & Linda Fischbach (@home)
      > King George, Virginia
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