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Fw: Speaking with Sweetcorn

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  • Debbie Raikes-May
    Wanted to share with you what Barbara Myers spoke (remotely) with Sweetcorn about - quite amazing! Love Debbie ... From: Barbara Myers
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 12, 2004
      Wanted to share with you what Barbara Myers 'spoke' (remotely) with
      Sweetcorn about - quite amazing!
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      From: "Barbara Myers" <dachsiemom13@...>
      To: "Debbie Raikes-May" <debbie.raikesmay@...>
      Sent: Monday, January 12, 2004 12:44 PM
      Subject: Speaking with Sweetcorn

      > I contacted Sweetcorn at 9:11PM EST on 1-11-04. I saw a very small kitty
      > wearing bandages. She was making tiny mewling sounds. I introduced
      > explained why I had come, and asked if she would speak with me. "I am
      > small and hurt very badly," she said plaintively. Do you mean you are in
      > I asked? "Some, it is better than it was, but I meant that I have been
      > very badly," she explained. Sweetcorn, your person is most upset and asks
      > you can forgive her for the accident. "I have already forgiven. My
      balance is
      > not surefooted yet; I'm still an infant in feline terms. My person must
      > very careful when kittens are around," she admonished. I'm sure she has
      > learned this, I said.
      > Are you Treacle, a cat who passed to spirit just before you were born?
      > is not something I know yet but I think I am me and no one else," she said
      > unsurely.
      > Is there anything your family can do to ease your pain or hasten your
      > "I know love means much, physically and mentally. I would like to feel
      > fingers touch between my ears. Could she sing that song to me, too?
      > asked. What song is that, I asked? "It is soft and gentle. I don't
      know the
      > words except sun is in it I think," she replied. I will ask, I promised
      > Thank you for speaking to me Sweetcorn. Is there anything else you'd like
      > say before I go? "Cats don't usually like water. I REALLY don't like
      > Be strong and brave, little one, I told her.
      > I offered Reiki and she sighed her permission. I channeled to her.
      > =====
      > Barbara Myers
      > Healing Conversation Animal Communication Service
      > http://www.healingconversationacs.homestead.com/
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