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RE: [FH] Sweetcorn, some better news:

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  • Stephanie Thomas
    Hi Debbie, What wonderful news that Sweetcorn is doing so well under the circumstances. I hope she continues to make such a remarkable recovery. How is your
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2004
      Hi Debbie,

      What wonderful news that Sweetcorn is doing so well under the circumstances.
      I hope she continues to make such a remarkable recovery. How is your
      husband doing? I remember he was burned too.

      Stephanie and Nero

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      Subject: [FH] Sweetcorn, some better news:

      Dear friends
      I just got off the phone from the vet hospital. Sweetcorn's surgeon is
      Louisa who is a small animal doctor.

      They gave Sweetcorn a GA this morning and she came through that alright
      which is one less worry as her weight is so low.
      Under it, they have clipped the fur away from all the wounds, so she is now
      very naked indeed, poor thing - and she has many small burns on her belly
      and a few larger deeper ones to her legs, HOWEVER, her body had already
      started to try and heal and she is eating a little and now passing waste
      normally which is very heartening.

      Apparently she was very put out not to be given breakfast - which made me
      smile! Like Treacle she never wants to 'Miss a meal' if it can be avoided!
      Her eyes and mouth and digestive tract and lungs seem undamaged, again, a
      big concern of ours which we can now set aside.

      She is no longer on a drip, as she is lapping water so they want to see how
      she stabilises herself fluid wise. The paw that was bandaged to the drip
      will look bad, we were warned - as it has been covered and is weeping. But a
      few hours of air drying should start the raw edges firming up.

      They are all amazed that they can now take her OFF iv painkillers and
      sedation and switch her to oral....this is amazing. I can only ascribe this
      to all your prayers for healing and her own ginger determination to COME

      Ben and I are going in to see her soon today and I will post again how we
      find her. They said she is purring and trying to get attention (I am
      convinced that these so called 'mentally impaired' kittens make up in
      affection for what they lack in intelligence) from anyone around.

      Her claws are all pretty much gone and her pads peeled off but the beds
      themselves are in situ still so there is hope that they will, in time, grow
      back - again great news.

      I have emailed our homeopath and asked for aloe vera juice and gel, Vit E
      oil and healing boosters - I want them to use these in conjunction with
      allopathic medicine.
      We just can't thank you all enough, please keep praying - she will be away
      from us for at least another week.
      Much love

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