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  • Michelle Waters
    Hi Sue, I m so sorry about your sweet kitty...you ve come to the right place but I m sorry that you have to be here. I wanted to pass on to you a link to
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2003
      Hi Sue,

      I'm so sorry about your sweet kitty...you've come to the right place but I'm sorry that you have to be here. I wanted to pass on to you a link to holisticat.com, which has a wealth of good information, especially for people who want a more holistic approach. The first link is about a kitty who had HCM and CRF. She has information about supplements which should be helpful to you. The second link has more general information about HCM.



      My sweet boy Goldenrod threw a bloodclot on October 22. Amazingly, with excellent conventional veterinary care, scrupulous attention to his nutritional supplements and tons of love he is still with us. He is an invalid, because his back feet are still not working correctly, but he is happy to be with us, and we are treasuring every moment. I think that one thing that really helps Goldie (and is admittedly really hard sometimes) is that we try to keep a positive attitude. Everyday I tell him how great he's doing and how brave he is. Cats really pick up on our emotions. I guess what I'm saying is it's important for your kitty and for you to take care of yourself as well.

      I hope that you get some help from the Chinese Herbalist...let us know what she/he says.

      blessings to you and your kitty,
      Michelle (and Goldenrod, his sister Artemis, Pan d'Monium & Calypso)

      >Subject: I'm new and feel very alone
      >Hi all,
      >I happened onto this site while endlessly searching. My lovely
      >almost 12 yeqar old cat was diagnosed with HCM 2 weeks ago and Im a
      >real wreck. Hes on Lasix and Enalipril. The heart is doing well,
      >lungs are clear but his kidney values have increased from 50 to 58
      >and 3.75 to 4.85. Not too good. I feel as though Im damned if I do
      >and damned if I dont. either the heart or kidneys will kill him. He
      >has also developed a cold from the stress. Of course, I though it
      >was heart failure and rushed him to the emergency room. He had to
      >have an enema because he gets really constipated and strains and is
      >in pain. I didn't want to do it because I know how stressful it is.
      >He was REALLY knocked out after the enema (slept like the dead for 10
      >hours that night) Hes better now but still wont eat his regular food
      >really well. He was eating very well before the enema. He does eat
      >chicken and is drinking though.
      >Im bringing him to a Chinese Herbalist to see what could be offered
      >to help him. Has anyone else used chinese herbs? Its wonderful that
      >there is a message board such as this. Im so exhausted and alone.
      >It hepls...Thanks

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