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Home Oxygen & other equipment needs

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    Happy day-after-Thanksgiving everyone. Mr. Pepe had a great day yesterday. He had tons of energy and the warm weather brought him a nice supply of moths to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2003
      Happy day-after-Thanksgiving everyone. Mr. Pepe had a great day yesterday.
      He had tons of energy and the warm weather brought him a nice supply of
      moths to chase & catch outside (his favorite game). It was truly something
      to be thankful for, considering 2 weeks ago I was told by Tufts
      cardiologists that he probably would not make it through the night. His
      quick comeback may go down in the medical journals as we had a steady stream
      of onlookers during his 1 week follow-up visit ("check this out", type

      He's been having minor episodes of rapid & labored breathing which quickly
      subside with a 10 mg dose of lasix. However, last night he was having a
      "significant" breathing episode which took a few doses of lasix to get him
      breathing comfortably. Still, it was amazing how quickly he bounced back.
      One minute he had a distant stare and we were all gathered around him saying
      good-bye. Suddenly, his expression changed and he was purring up a storm.
      This morning he was back to his usual energy level and causing mischief.

      Because of his ability to bounce back so quickly and his obvious "zest for
      life", I am wondering whether setting up some type of oxygen cage in the
      house makes sence at this point. My vet feels he is a good candidate, will
      reduce the amount of lasix needed and it might prevent the dreaded trip to
      the ER, which we really can't afford. I used to sell pneumatic surgical
      handpieces, so I am familiar with using gas tanks & regulators. (I had a
      portable tank for demo's. Murphy's law: I cleaned the garage about 6
      months ago and donated it.)

      If so, can you pass on your advice on setting up and using. What I was
      thinking was to set up a corner of my bedroom with a dog crate covered in
      plastic with an O2 tank next to it. I heard that industrial O2 will suffice
      and be much cheaper than medical grade. Any advice on obtaining, setting up
      and using will be great? Here are my initial questions:

      1. What is the best type of place to buy/rent an O2 tank?
      2. What size tank should I get?
      3. What type of regulator?
      4. What type of cage is best? (is my dog crate idea OK?)
      5. Any other equipment I should have on hand to manage his CHF and HCM. (I
      will be breeding Buddie soon, so some equipment can also be used for the
      whelping & rearing puppies. At this point in my life, convenience & ease of
      use get top priority over the cheapest thing available)

      Then I will need some instruction on do's & don'ts. My plan will be to use
      this for short-term O2 and I'm assuming that much is dependant on the
      individual response of the cat. General info such as the following will be
      1. percentage of O2 to use
      2. lenghth of exposure & warning signs
      3. safety precautions
      4. links to home oxygen use

      Thanks in advance.

      Deena in Newburyport, MA
      Mr. Pepe: Male, NFC, diagnosed 11/12/03 at 3 yrs, severe HCM, restrictive,
      enlarged left atrium, advanced CHF, grade 2/6 murmur, mild neuro signs (head
      tilt & tremors). Enalapril 2.5 mg 1x day, Fragmin .04 ml 2x/day subcu,
      lasix 5mg 2x day
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