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Just diagnosed w/ RCM : (

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  • kc_jellybean
    My DSH whom I ve had for 12 yrs was just diagnosed Monday w/ RCM. I m his 3rd family, so he s at least 16 yrs old, but I also have some paperwork that
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2003
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      My DSH whom I've had for >12 yrs was just diagnosed Monday w/ RCM.
      I'm his 3rd family, so he's at least 16 yrs old, but I also have some
      paperwork that indicates he may be over 18 yrs old, so who knows.
      He's my first real pet, and he's been such a reliable, stable part of
      my life - maybe even the only stable part! Whiskers has moved w/ me
      cross country and back, heck - our relationship has lasted longer
      than my marriage! I'm just devastated, and I keep replaying the last
      few months in my head, wondering if I missed anything.

      He's already in atrial fib, so the doc gives him 6 months if the meds
      work. (I'm very hopeful, but then again, I could have another 12 yrs
      w/ him and still want more.) We started his meds on Tues - atenolol,
      lasix, endocard, and a baby aspirin every 3 days. He's been pretty
      good about his meds - since I'm smashing in into canned tuna mixed w/
      soft cat food, how could he not be?? ;) Regardless, when we go back
      to the specialist on Monday I'm going to ask to switch to the
      transderm formulations. I was wondering if anyone knows, do they
      make a liquid form of baby aspirin, and do you think that would be ok
      for my cat to take?

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