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Re: [FH] frontline and other questions

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  • Michelle Waters
    Hi Ryanne, I m really happy to hear that your boy has regained the use of his legs! That is great! Goldenrod is working on it...his right leg is stronger than
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 6, 2003
      Hi Ryanne,

      I'm really happy to hear that your boy has regained the use of his legs! That is great! Goldenrod is working on it...his right leg is stronger than his left, but he is getting around amazingly well. We are so, so grateful to have him home with us, although that is mixed with sadness because we know the reality of HCM.

      Anyway, how bad are the fleas? I'm asking because most flea control powders and sprays are toxic, and Calvin's system doesn't need to be taxed any more than it is. It could be that if you control the flea problem in your house, and use a flea comb on Calvin that will be enough. We started using this great product this year called Bug Arrest. It's totally non-toxic and can be used directly on the animal and sprayed on carpets, bedding, etc. What I've also done is to put some Bug Arrest on the flea comb and then comb the cat. You can see what happens to the fleas when this stuff touches them, they just die on the spot. I got Bug Arrest online and I don't remember the URl but it's easy to find if you do a Google search.

      For years we've controlled fleas in our house by using borax on the carpets. Just 20 mule team borax that you can find in the grocery store. It works by desiccating the fleas and eggs. We live in Northern California where the fleas are terrible, in a house that's completely carpeted, and we never have flea problems. My only concern with you using borax now is that it's pretty powdery and I would worry about Calvin getting respiratory irritation from it (we always put the cats outside or on our enclosed deck when we borax the carpets).

      So I hope that some of this info helps you. I'm really glad to hear that Calvin is using his legs. These cats are real troopers, aren't they?

      take care, and I send prayers for Calvin,

      >Message: 4
      > Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2003 21:15:33 -0000
      > From: "rdcarmichael_99" <rdcarmichael_99@...>
      >Subject: frontline and other questions
      >I just wanted to thank those that responded to my question a couple
      >of weeks ago about cardiologists - it was helpful so I thought I'd
      >ask a couple more questions.
      >-My cat threw a clot a couple of weeks ago and was paralyzed in both
      >hind legs. This was the first incident - he was not diagnosed with
      >HCM until this emergency. Thankfully, he recoved and is home with us
      >and has regained the use of his legs!!! My first question is has
      >anyone had a cat with HCM who has thrown a clot (to legs, arms or
      >kidney) who then went on to survive much longer. Calvin seems to be
      >doing well. We have had a couple of incidents of him throwing up,
      >but it's too early to tell if it is bc of the asprin or diltiazem or
      >just a hairball. My vet tells me almost constantly about how cats
      >who have thrown clots probably won't survive more than a couple of
      >weeks before they throw another. She tells me best case is a year.
      >I am realistic about this disease, but I would like to hear from
      >others about cats at this stage who may have had more than a couple
      >of weeks or months before another incident.
      >My second question is whether or not anyone uses frontline or
      >something like that while the cat is on meds? I need to do something
      >about his fleas and a bath is out of the question (way too
      >stressful). My vet says that it shouldn't interact with the
      >medications (asprin and diltiazem). Any advice?
      >Thanks to you all.

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