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Re: [FH] Putney is gone

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  • Michelle Waters
    Debra, I am so sorry. I didn t read my email for a couple of days and was so hoping that your boy would make it. Putney sounds like an amazing cat. I m glad
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2003

      I am so sorry. I didn't read my email for a couple of days and was so hoping that your boy would make it. Putney sounds like an amazing cat. I'm glad you wrote what you did, actually...I know that words can never really express how wonderful our loved ones are, but what you wrote gives those of us who didn't know Putney an idea of who he was. You and Putney are in my prayers.


      P.S. We have an altar at our house for Day of the Dead. It is covered with photos of our departed human and cat family members.

      > 18. Putney is gone
      > From: Debra Yarrington <yarringt@...>
      >Message: 18
      > Date: Sat, 01 Nov 2003 13:13:03 -0500
      > From: Debra Yarrington <yarringt@...>
      >Subject: Putney is gone
      >He left last night at 4:00 am. He was sleeping with me on the bed, and
      >he must have gotten confused and tried to get off the bed by going over
      >the headboard. He crashed into my nightstand and fell to the floor. I
      >called the emergency vet to tell them we were coming in. But then he
      >bellowed 3 times. I went and held him. He arched his back and stretched
      >out his paws, and that was it. There were a few more gasps of breath,
      >but they were just his body - he was already gone. He was my first cat
      >and my handsome boy.
      >He was 4 weeks when he came to me, with huge orange-gold eyes in
      >this tiny black fuzzy body. I found him under a porch meowing loudly
      >-apparently his mom had been frightened off and moved the other babies
      >but hadn't come back for him. When I first brought him home, he couldn't
      >figure out how to drink on his own, he was afraid of the toys I bought him
      >(they were bigger than he was), and he couldn't get into the litter box
      >- I had to build a ramp for him.
      >He was my cat and my cat only. He liked to travel on my shoulders.
      >When he was a baby he'd climb up my legs and back and just sit on
      >my shoulder as I went about my business. As he got older and heavier,
      >he still liked to sit on my shoulders. I'd have a 22 lb cat wrapped around
      >my neck. I'd end up with a neckache.
      >He hated and terrorized everyone else. An exboyfriend called him
      >Satan's spawn. He cornered one of my visiting friends in the spare
      >bedroom for hours one day while I was at work. He bit, hissed at,
      >and scratched everyone but me. All the other cats (except Tigger)
      >were afraid of him. He was ornery. But he'd let me do anything to
      >him. And he slept curled up with me every night, his head leaning
      >on my stomach. He always slept on my shoe, so I'd always go
      >to work and class with one shoe covered with Putney fur.
      >He was very smart. He knew tricks, like "up up" and "where's your
      >toy?" He played fetch like a dog. He could open doors with his
      >paws. And he knew all the cats' names, so if I called for a cat, he'd
      >look at the cat I was calling for.
      >My goddaughter left her pink knit hat at my house when she was
      >1 year old. That became Putney's hat. He'd "capture" it and then
      >he'd carry it around, proudly meowing his "I am the hunter king"
      >meow. I'd always tell him how brave he was for catching the
      >evil pink hat.
      >Putney loved to be brushed. He'd preen and purr and I'd always
      >call him my handsome boy. As he grew older, he got strands
      >of white mixed in with the black. His coat turned a beautiful
      >salt and pepper silver. Everyone would tell me how handsome
      >he was. I even had one (insensitive) friend tell me, "when he dies,
      >you should stuff him because he's beautiful!" He had big golden
      >Ironically, with the kittens, Putney had finally found a friend.
      >The little girl Sarabi liked Putney and would curl up with him.
      >At first he looked completely affronted by her affection, but
      >I think he was growing to like it, and I think it would have been
      >so good for him. He was the grandfather of my group. I was
      >looking forward to his finally being the patriarch and all the joys
      >it brought.
      >You should never write these things. They never do your loved one
      >justice. I can't satisfactorily convey his ornery personality or
      >the way he like to lick the palm of my hand or the way he could
      >just sit there and look at people and intimidate them, but I knew
      >it was all bluff. To never feel his soft fur under my hand, or to
      >see those huge gold eyes again hurts so badly.
      >I'll miss him. I'll miss him so much. I love him.

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