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RE: [FH] Advice

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  • Jonathan Rosenberg
    Debbie, What did you decide to do about the situation you mentioned below? -- Jonathan Rosenberg President & Founder, Tabby s Place http://www.tabbysplace.org/
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 30, 2003
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      What did you decide to do about the situation you mentioned below?

      Jonathan Rosenberg
      President & Founder, Tabby's Place

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      > Sent: Saturday, October 25, 2003 5:25 PM
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      > Subject: [FH] Advice
      > Dear All
      > I sure could use some advice ...Twiglet was dx with an
      > ulcerated colon earlier this week due to those mean previous
      > 'owners' and their treatment of her. Her diarrhoea was bloody
      > and she has been taking Metradiazole (Prob spelled
      > wrong)...her stools are still loose but no more blood.
      > Anyhow - today the kitten (8 weeks) Sweetcorn and Morsel (16
      > weeks) both have diarrhoea and it is the weekend here so no
      > vets till Monday AND I am working away next week.
      > Do you think this could be an infection? Kippurr does not have it.
      > Sweetcorn was immunised with her first shots last week and
      > has had a bit of a cold as a reaction but this may be
      > unconnected...Kippurr has not got it at all, thank goodness
      > but- I feed her separately as she prefers to eat alone (!).
      > I don't know whether to ring the vets tomorrow (£50/$100) min
      > at the weekend or whether to leave till Wednesday which is
      > first day I am home.
      > They are all eating well and don't seem dehydrated but I am
      > worried about the youngest kitten who was the runt of her
      > litter anyway.
      > All.any advice welcome -
      > Thanks
      > Love
      > Debbie
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