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Re: [FH] Possible adverse reaction to meds??? LONG

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  • Susan
    ... Do a search on this group s message archive for Plumb s atenolol and my screen name somnamblst. I posted the atenolol info from Plumb s Book of Veterinary
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 30, 2003
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      --- <taelcat@...> wrote:

      > I *thought* he said (but I believe I may have
      > misunderstood) that
      > Atenolol can cause asthma in cats. I think what he
      > said was that it
      > can have an affect on cats prone to Asthma. He
      > recommended reducing
      > the Atenolol to 1/4 tablet and getting a chest
      > x-ray.

      Do a search on this group's message archive for
      Plumb's atenolol and my screen name somnamblst. I
      posted the atenolol info from Plumb's Book of
      Veterinary Drugs a few months ago.

      I was just at ACVIM vet yesterday for 1 year check up
      ultrasound and he did say they see allergic asthma in
      the fall. BUT to treat for asthma is contraindicated
      in heart kitties. So if the asthma is not severe
      enough to be life threatening...

      Anyone else with asthma and HCM know anymore?


      Rudy: Male DSH brown tabby, feral mom, diagnosed 09-2002 at 19 months of age with idiopathic HCM: grade 2 murmur, hyperkinetic heart, borderline normal thickening, considered asymptomatic, 12.5 mg Atenolol 1x day, 1/2 baby aspirin 2x week administered via pilling

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