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  • ystano
    Dear friends, My name is Janne. I am living in Norway and I am new to this list. My cat Aurora is 14 years old, former feral and still shy. She was taken
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 2003
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      Dear friends,

      My name is Janne. I am living in Norway and I am new to this list. My
      cat Aurora is > 14 years old, former feral and still shy. She was
      taken care of outdoors only (TTVAR) untill last spring, when I bought
      me a big house countryside and brought my seven tamed cats and 10
      ferals as well.

      Aurora was diagnosed with renal failure Aug 14. after just a simple
      blood sample (small test) at a nearby clinic. She was sent home
      without further testing and with renal prescription diet and
      amoxycillin as the only treatment, even though she suffered from
      tachypnea. The blood test showede elevated BUN, normal creatinine,
      elevated liver enzymes and elevated white blood count (she had an
      I couldn't give her subQs cause she's a feral and not "touchable".
      After a month I brought her back extremely dehydrated and she got IV
      fluid for three days. X-ray showed Cardiomyopathy, and blood profile
      showed hyper-T ( yes, I am already joining both the felineCRF- and
      the two hyper-T lists!) I hade to demand the T4 test taken because
      the vet ment she didn't look like a Hyper-T-cat...
      She got no heart meds and her blood pressure was not checked. She
      started on Neo-Mercazole 13 days ago, 5mg x2/day for the first four
      days, then l lowered to half the dosages because she got itching and
      nausea and stopped eating and drinking totally. I got her to eat
      again, but only raw meat, chicken and turkey breast, she no longer
      eats the renal food.
      Then I made an appointment with the veterinary school in Oslo and the
      one with the best knowledge on hyper-T here in Norway. The following
      is what I just posted to the other groops:

      Aurora is still here, but she's getting dehydrated now, and I can't
      do anything about it but try to get her to drink more.
      I got her new numbers today. The blood profile is not worse, in fact
      the numbers have improved but for Bun, which has elevated a lot since
      the last testing/improvement, and for tot T4 which is even higher now
      than before medication! The former hematocrit failed, so I didn't
      get to know if any changes occured from the first blood count, but in
      fact now she is slightly anemic ... And worse I guess, she has mild
      to moderate lymphopheny (elevated lymphocytes) and reactive lymphs,
      whatever that means... She has also got anisocytocis (1+) = blood
      cells of varying size (due to hemolysis?).
      Note: Aurora was not hospitalizied before testing at the veterinary
      school, I brought her there on Saturday (emergency, didn't reach the
      ordinary opening time because of caging problems + one and a half
      hours drive + rush traffic) But the vet I met there absolutely ment
      she was better off at home! She was not very! dehydrated and her
      abdomen was not alarming! fluid filled... So she had to go through
      the stress in the car homewards and then to do the trip over again on

      The "monday vet" posted a note with the numbers where she says:
      "The high Urea (BUN) is the result of dehydration due to heart
      failure/fluid build up and a decreased kidney function. Because of
      difficulty in breathing I think your cat has got problems with her
      eating and drinking." That's all, besides the diagnosis: hyper-T,
      severe hypertropich cardiomyopathy, heart failure.

      Aurora didn't get rehydrated at the veterinary school, the fluid was
      not drained from her chest (the vet said it could be dangerous. More
      dangerous than dying????), the vet thinks she doesen't drink enough -
      and still she gave her Lasix. ???
      I called yesterday and asked again for heart meds, but the vet said
      it would be of no use.

      I found this site on the web, case 5 is very similar to that of
      Aurora, except for the cats ages...

      I will never ever understand (the Norwegian) vets...
      Anyway, here are the results, SI values, converted to US values if
      not the same:
      (Aurora had a protein rich meal in the morning before we left, just a
      few hours before the bloodwork was done.)

      Blood profile SI: US: Sept.12.:

      AST 57 (0-60) was 85 >
      ALT > 129 (0-75) was 173 >
      AP > 216 (0-90) was 242 >
      CreatKinase 531 (0 -580) was 1198 >>
      Amylase > 1178 (0 -800) was 936
      Lipase 73 (0 -700) was 64
      TP 73 (60 -82) 730 was 600
      Albumin 25 (25 -39) was 21 <
      Globulin 48 (26 -50) was 39
      Alb/glob < 0,52 (0,53 -1,36) was 0,54
      UREA=BUN >> 30,4 (5 -10) 84 was 42 (Aug.was63)
      Creat 154 (75 -180) 1,74 was 1,27
      Bile acids 4 (0 -5) 0,4 was 0,8
      Tot. bilirubin > 6 (0 -4) 0,35 was 0,23 (- 0,23)
      Chol. 4 (1,5 -6) 154 was 115
      Glucose 6,6 (3,5 -9) was same
      Phosphorous 2,5 (1,0 -2,8) 6,19 was same
      Calsium 2,3 (2,2 -2,9) 8 was same
      Sodium 154 (150 -165) was same
      Potassium 4,6 (3,7 - 5,8) was 6 >
      S/P 33,48 was 25,67
      Chloride 117 (112 -129) was 122
      Tot T4 >>> 124 (6 -35) 9,53 was 8,46 >>

      Blood count SI: was Aug.14.:

      WBC 9,8 (5,5 - 17) 19,4 (-18,9)
      RBC 5,26 (5,0 - 10)
      HGB < 79 (80 - 150) 9,5 (8,0 -15)
      HCT 0,24 (0,24 -0,45) 28,8 % (24,0 -45,0)
      MCV 45,6 (40 -52)
      MCHC 327 (290 -340) 33,0 (30,o -36,9)
      RDW > 18,5 (13 -17)
      PLT 152 (180 -400) false? was 350 (175-500)

      RETIC >> 26,0 (0-15)
      %RETIC 0,5

      NEUT 8,1 (2,5 -12,5)
      LYMPH << 1,0 (1,5 - 7 )
      MONO 0,4 (0 -1)
      EOS 0,2 (0 -1,7)
      BASO 0 (0- 0,1)
      LUC 0 (0 -0,2)

      %neut 83
      %lymph 10,6 Could this be a sign of FIV or something?
      %mono 3,9
      %eos 2,4
      %baso 0,1
      %luc 0,1

      Notes: Mild anemia with weak respons.
      Anisocythosis 1+
      Mild to moderate lymphphophenia (?)
      Reactive lymphs.

      Anyone who can interpret (some of) theese results?
      Even if it is too late for Aurora - thanks a lot!


      - trying to conciliate (right word?) the facts...
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