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  • Catherine Browning
    Hi Sarah, Yes, I m the same Catherine! And I now think CRF *and* heart disease. I ll never know for sure, but the things which lead me to suspect heart
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 31, 2003
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      Hi Sarah,

      Yes, I'm the same Catherine! And I now think CRF *and* heart disease. I'll never know for sure, but the things which lead me to suspect heart disease include Topsy being the same build and temperament as a Maine Coon, her apparent saddle-thrombosis in her right leg and during the summer-time her open-mouth breathing during 35 degree celsius weather. She fought the euthanasia all the way -- it took a-g-e-s for her to die. I know saddle-thrombosis and CRF aren't exactly indicators for an extended life. I know that, at just under 18 years she "had a good innings". But I can't help but think that if it hadn't been a Sunday afternoon, if it hadn't been the first day over 20 degrees since the previous autumn, if-only, if-only, I might at least have had time to say goodbye, or to make her passing a little less stressful for her.

      Tomorrow is Monday in Australia and phone-call day for me. I'm charged up and ready to call ALL local vets and find out their hours and facilities for coping with feline heart emergencies, and whether they can prescribe heart-drugs for felines. I can't order any drugs until I receive the official report, but I can at least know if they are ABLE to do so (maybe they don't routinely stock the stuff or something).

      And I'll be looking for a true veterinary cardiologist -- one who can take the report I will get and the video of the ultrasound which I will get and let me know ALL the options, not just the "love-'em-while-you-got-'em" option.

      Thank you everyone for getting me motivated and not just letting me sit terrified in the face of this non-cardio, non-IM ultrasound-student's verdict.

      Catherine and her fearsome five!

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "brinkett" <scrubbrush@r...> wrote:
      > Hi Catherine,
      > I'm sorry to hear about your babies. Don't listen to what the vet
      > says about what's humane and what isn't - you will be the best judge
      > of that when the time comes. For me, if I feel a cat has quality of
      > life or has a chance for quality of life on medication, I will not
      > euthanize. It also depends on the cat - some are fighters and some
      > aren't, some handle medication and not feeling well better than
      > others. Some handle vet visits okay and for others it's too
      > stressful. This is why each case is unique and so I don't like to
      > hear a vet sounding like you should give up before a decision time
      > has even arrived - that decision should only be made then when you
      > know exactly what the situation is.
      > Make sure your vet gives you *all* the options if any of your babies
      > start to become ill, and do what *you* think is best. It's an
      > important decision and you don't want to be pressured into it or
      > made to feel that you're not being humane if you don't euthanize -
      > you'll have to live with whatever decision is made, not the vet. So
      > give any decisions careful thought with your cat's and your own
      > interests in mind.
      > One unrelated question: do you live in Australia? I think I may
      > have corresponded with you briefly when my Fluff died of feline
      > hemolytic anemia on November 11, 2001. I remember a Catherine who
      > had recently lost her 18 year old cat Topsy to what she thought was
      > CRF and was extremely upset with her vet. If it was you, how
      > unfortunate that we meet up here so soon, with sick babies once
      > again.
      > Sarah.
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