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Our Bob - R.I.P. - August 23, 2003

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  • Myra DeTate
    Our Bob - mama s precious baby, A & B s brother, Jack s perfect in every way kitty, brilliant conversationalist, compassionate hunter (catch & release), adept
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 27, 2003
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      Our Bob - mama's precious baby, A & B's brother, Jack's perfect in
      every way kitty, brilliant conversationalist, compassionate hunter
      (catch & release), adept paw taster, magnificent tree climber, joke
      player, cabinet door opener, best hiding place finder, paper
      scatterer & shredder, loving companion & family member, valiant
      fighter, sweet & forgiving sick kitty, independent to the end,
      vacuum cleaner hater, determined kisser (he sometimes grabbed my
      hand with his claws to give a thorough kissing), - succumbed to
      asphalt fume poisoning on Saturday, August 23rd.

      The last 3 weeks had been a battle of high respiration rates & trips
      to the critical care clinic. After a crisis of breathing on July
      28th, when his resp rate was 150 & his heart rate had dropped, Bob's
      vet had been trying to control the lung irritants with antibiotics,
      prednisone, & inhalants. His first check up after a week in ICU
      showed no fluid but still severe irritation & his resp rate remained
      at 60. One week later, there was some evidence of fluid, but that
      was quickly eliminated with a lasex injection & doubling up on oral
      lasex, but his resp rate continued to be high at 50 to 60. We were
      frantically trying to get him stabilized because my son Brian was
      getting married in Las Vegas on August 23rd & I would have to leave
      Bob either at home with his pet sitter or at the critical care
      clinic. We were leaving for Las Vegas on the 21st. As his resp
      rate could not be controlled, we decided to board him at the
      critical care clinic where he could be monitored 24 hours a day, &
      in fact they took his vitals & resp rate every hour. They called
      our cell phone twice a day to give updates. I spent 2 hours with
      him on Wednesday night, brushing him & feeding him, I will never
      forget those last sweet kisses and murfs. We called early Thursday
      morning to check on him & he was resting easier. He continued to
      improve slightly both Thursday & Friday & although he was not eating
      on his own, they were syringe feeding him AD & he had not vomited or
      gagged & was enduring the feeding very well. Saturday morning they
      called at 8:30am to say that his resp rate had at last come down to
      30 & he was becoming active & hungry. 10 minutes before we went
      into the chapel at 2:00pm to begin the wedding ceremony, Dr. Moore
      called to say that Bob had stopped breathing; they had trached him &
      were putting in an IV to push meds. He was still fighting to live &
      was still trying to take breaths on his own. Hubby Jack & I were in
      charge of the wedding couple's 8 mos old twins (our granddaughters),
      we took deep breaths, hugged quickly & turned off the cell phone for
      the ceremony. By the time the 45 minute ceremony was over & we were
      frantically on our way back to our suite with the babies, Dr. Moore
      had left 3 messages. I refused to let Jack answer the phone until I
      had thrown the babies down in their cribs for their nap - I knew it
      was bad news, & we had over 50 wedding guests coming to our suite in
      1 hour for the reception. The next call from Dr. Moore - he said
      Bob's heart had stopped 3 times, they had restarted it with CPR, but
      he was not responding to meds & did not think they could keep it
      going. Dr. Moore said we were going to have to let him go - I
      said "Oh Dr. Moore - please stay with him" - He said, "I'm with him
      now." Dr. Moore & I sobbed on the cell phone together while he held
      Our Bob & told him how much I loved him & how special he was. Then
      he was gone & after clinging & sobbing for just a few minutes, Jack
      & I had to get ready to throw a party. I think most of the wedding
      guests thought we were red eyed from the wedding, but by the end of
      the reception we had gone out in the hallway numerous times to cry
      with our family and friends. I ordered a necropsy & a cremation. I
      spoke to Dr. Moore on Monday morning & he had done the necropsy
      himself. He was still not able to speak to me without crying, but
      said he had sent large amounts of lung & heart tissue for
      examination & how sorry they all were for our loss. We are very
      thankful for the wonderful years, days, minutes we had with Our Bob,
      and very lucky to have a knowledgeable, caring, compassionate vet to
      help Our Bob cross the bridge. I have posted pictures of Our Bob in
      the photo section. I also have the following meds to donate to
      anyone who is interested. I will be posting on the asthma & asthma
      inhaled meds groups as well. Please email me personally if you are
      interested in any of the meds & I will mail them at no charge.
      Thank you everyone for all of your support & vital information.
      Give all your kitties extra scritches and hugs in memory of Our

      Furosemide 12.5mg - 42 tabs cut in half (6.25mg)
      Cardizem 30mg - 38 1/2 tabs cut in quarters (7.5mg)
      Atenolol 25mg - 31 tabs cut in quarters (6.25mg)
      Standard Process Feline Cardiac Support - 3 full bottles of 60 each

      Theophylline 100mg - 25 1/2 tabs cut in half (50mg)
      Prednisone 5mg - 15 tabs cut in half (2.5mg)
      Accolate 10mg - 12 1/2 tabs cut in half (5mg)
      Flovent 110mcg - 72 actuations left
      Albuterol 90mcg - 198 inhalations left

      With a Bob shaped hole in my heart & missing Lots of Kitty Kisses,
      Myra, Jack & Our Angel Bob
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