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One year ago tomorrow

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  • Melody Woods
    Although I doubt anyone here remembers us,, Bella was a heart/ crf kitty For this reason I m posting her one year memorial here This was written yesterday One
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 26, 2003
      Although I doubt anyone here remembers us,,
      Bella was a heart/ crf kitty
      For this reason I'm posting her one year memorial here
      This was written yesterday

      One year ago tomorrow my cat died.
      For one day short of a year
      Ive thought about her, birth ,
      the circumstances of her death
      and all that happened in between
      What you'll read today is really a work in progress
      I'm posting it tonight to commemorate this anniversary
      I'm not going to talk about her loss in this part
      or things I'm still very angry about.

      This is about her life.
      This is her story.

      In Conn where we lived
      the phone rang in our house
      one early Spring morning,
      It was a call
      we'd been waiting for,
      Our New York Veterinarian was on the line.

      He told us our tortie cat Sabrina had successfully
      given birth by caesarian , two lovely red kittens.
      He told us it was ok to take them home.

      We had not expected this call so soon
      and scrambled to get things ready
      Then we jumped into the car and drove
      to the city and to his office.

      When I think back on it
      I wasn't excited then bout the kittens
      My concern had been the mother cats health.
      I was so relieved that she was ok.

      My very first glimpse of the kittens
      changed everything for me
      They were so tiny and so perfect.
      I knew I would watch over them and protect them
      I tried to live up to that,
      finding one a very good home.
      The other stayed forever.

      Her name was Bella Jeanette Mc Donald
      Pretty Bella for short.

      Picture her as I first saw her
      She was a lovely little kitten
      Her soft kitten fur was an amazing color
      a shining coppery red with deeply red glints
      She had enormous baby blue eyes
      that later turned golden brown

      She grew into a beautiful young cat,
      with that old fashioned Persian look,
      and a very sweet expression .

      Her adult coat turned tawny red
      Her hair was soft and silky.,
      very much like her daughters later ,
      with that same lovely red color
      At one point , when she was very healthy
      her coat almost reached the floor

      Her sister was the quicker one,
      from thought to action in a flash.
      Bella wasn't like that .
      She'd watch her sister run around
      but that wasn't for her.
      She'd think about things before she acted.
      This was a life long trait.

      One time though she did throw this aside
      and just pounced.
      I'll tell you about that later.
      It was quite an adventure for her.

      From the time she was a tiny kitten
      pretty Bella liked to play with
      one toy mouse.
      She carried it gently in her mouth.
      chirp at the mouse on the ground
      It was very touching to see
      She did this all her days.

      We thought this catnip mouse
      triggered memories ,.....maybe
      of her own kittenhood or her own
      kittens, now grown,
      but we were never sure.

      Bella was always her mama's little girl
      No matter how grown up
      Bella thought she was,
      Sabrina would lick her face and ears clean
      She would clean Bella every day
      as if she were a kitten
      no matter what age Bella was

      When Bella decided it was time for babies,
      we arranged for a union with a showy Persian cat.
      We arranged it but Bella didn't agree..
      Her own choice was another cat of ours,
      a sweet cream male.
      She sat down in the show cats house and refused to move.
      We brought her home to the cream cat.

      Bella was a wonderful mother
      to her own kittens later,
      and very responsible
      She usually had small litters,
      but one time she had five kittens
      After 8 weeks, even responsible
      Bella was getting very tired.
      The kittens were now at the creative stage
      She was always stopping then from mischief

      One of my other cats had lost her one kitten and was very upset.
      she wandered over to Bella's kittens and started to lick then
      Bella came back into the room and rushed for this cat.
      After giving her some major swipes,
      she stepped aside and started watching her
      Apparently deciding this cat could be her stand in
      she turned around and left the room.
      From them on the other cat had all the cares of motherhood
      and they were both quite pleased.

      Her daughter Mimi was in that litter.

      My first house in Dallas had a little
      walled garden with a rose bush and
      mellow brick walls enclosing it
      The cats could go out freely because
      the walls were very high
      but only if we were out there too.

      One Spring day just as the rose bush
      was budding and the birds on the wing
      Bella followed us out,
      She was usually a slow moving kitty,
      almost lazy in her movements
      Suddenly though she seemed to fly.
      Something had caught her attention
      Bella had caught her first bird,

      She came to us, proudly holding it
      in her mouth She was very gentle with it,
      but obviously.very excited.
      We started
      yelling at her to drop the bird which she did
      in surprise.
      The bird was fine and flew off to her nest
      but Bella was very hurt.
      It took days of brushing her whiskers
      and endless treats to bring her around
      In a way, we were quite proud of our city cat
      Not that we could let her keep the bird, but still..

      After Bella's mother was gone
      Bella turned to me for comfort
      While she was usually non verbal,
      this changed when she was upset , Then she
      talk to me for hours, telling me what she was feeling.

      I was sure that
      Bella missed her mother's touch
      She would come to me and hold her head
      in the same way she had for her mother to wash
      To comfort her I started to wash her too
      Every day she'd be washed with tissues and warm water.
      I tried to wash her down now
      the same way her mother had
      It seemed to help a little.

      Bella did more then ask for comfort,
      When I found out her mother was gone,
      it was Bella who ran to me, then . She
      let me know that things weren't right
      She both comforted and warned me
      I had just returned from out of town.
      after a long absence because of family loss.

      Her quick action saved Bella and her daughter.
      I understood her enough to remove them bothfrom that house.
      I got them to the vet the very next day.
      They were quite ill.
      They never returned to that house.
      We found new housing the next week

      This wasn't the first time
      she talked to me, but it was rare then.
      In her very last years this changed.
      Then she began to like talking.

      Bella always loved to bask in the sun,
      She was very content there.
      The rays make her red coat glow with color
      and she seemed to know it.
      But it wasn't only when she was happy
      that she searched for sunlight.
      Later as she weakened,
      she would go out on the terrace and sit for hours.
      It was a sign that she was cold.

      Bella also liked to sit under the window
      in the small bedroom and take in the afternoon rays.
      But it was the morning sun that she really lov.

      She would follow it across the room,
      staying in its warmth as it moved from place to place.
      Once it was gone she'd move to one of her cat houses,
      Either the airy green one or the one that matched her coloring..

      She liked to look at herself in the full length mirror
      This was endlessly fascinating to her.
      Maybe she liked her own pretty face , we never exactly knew

      Before she became ill
      she developed a fondness for my husband.
      She'd wait for him every night at the top of the stairs.
      If he were late she'd gently chide him .
      She was his little princess..

      Her greeting had many layers then,
      inquiry ,concern...a bit of greeting too.
      I was never sure how much she heard
      but she did seem to
      know when we were near her.
      She always knew when we were there

      In her last days
      Bella would turn to me
      and sort of cry out , as if to ask..
      friend or foe.. and I would
      reassure her.

      Now she was talking all the time
      and she had become nocturnal.
      She'd call to me now if she wanted comfort.
      During the day, early mornings or at midnight.
      It was as if she knew she was running out of time.

      Thinking back I know really,
      she tried to tell me things
      sometimes I understood but not always.
      it only needed a better vocabulary.
      I wish we had had one.

      Bella had a good heart.
      A kind cat with a quiet intelligence.
      A wonderful mother.
      I was very proud of her.
      She came into her own after her mom was gone.
      She fought very hard to stay with us.

      She liked to have her face stroked.
      with a soft brush and would purr endlessly for more.
      I miss her very much.

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