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RE: [FH] trying to understand my cat's sudden death

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  • Wathey, Lisa
    I m so so sorry about Tuxedo. I have a super-soft spot for B&W tuxedos myself. My Gable was one! He always threw up periodically too. I thought he just ate
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2003
      I'm so so sorry about Tuxedo. I have a super-soft spot for B&W tuxedos myself. My Gable was one! He always threw up periodically too. I thought he just ate too fast and the vet didn't seem too concerned. When I took him in for bladder stones tho, they gave him fluid therapy for his kidneys and this caused him to go into heart failure and this is how we found out he had an enlarged heart. I don't know enough about heartworms to say either way but it could also have been heart disease and/or kidney failure. Gable's heart disease caused his kidneys not to function as well and I believe the lack of 100% filtering caused him to throw up. Tuxedo's very sudden death may also have indicated a sudden blood clot which is a high risk for kitties with heart disease. It sounds like Tuxedo lived the perfect life and lived to the fullest right up until he passed. Please try to find peace with this - I beat myself up for not taking him sooner, for not pressing the vet, for not having even heard of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. But cats are so good at hiding things and some cats have no symptoms at all. You have my sympathies and prayers for you and Tuxedo. Love, Lisa, Barney and Angel Gable
      Lisa, Barney and Angel Gable
      Gable, 8-year old black and white tuxedo, domestic shorthair, 16 lbs., died of heart failure from HCM. Failure induced by fluid therapy for bladder stones. Precious child of love and light, I miss you with all of my heart and soul.

      Barney, 8-year old white and brown tabby, domestic shorthair, 16 lbs., echocardiogram for HCM inconclusive, ranged from normal to abnormal ; 2nd echo showed no enlarging

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      Tuxedo was ten years old. He left his lifetime home to move in with
      us almost two years ago. None of the local vets had records for him
      so his first visit might have been when I took him. He was a chronic
      vomiter although he had good weeks when he did not. Since he remained
      a part-time outdoor cat who chased, and sometimes caught, squirrels
      and seemed to be in great shape otherwise, I figured he was sometimes
      eating disgusting things and did not push for testing. A few days
      ago, without warning, he vomited, defecated, urinated, and died
      within minutes. The vet who answered my emergency call said it could
      have been heart failure. I have since learned that vomiting can be a
      sign of heartworms. My husband and I are heartbroken over his loss.
      He was a big black and white cat with a great personality...and he
      had chosen us! Sorry for being so long but we are wondering if hidden
      heart disease could have been the problem. His time outside lately
      had consisted of touring the yard and lying in the shade watching
      squirrels so we do not really think he got into anything although we
      cannot be sure.

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