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Taj crashed - I'm so scared

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  • anabellecat
    Taj crashed last night and we spent most of the night in the emergency hospital. We had changed much of his regimen a couple of weeks ago after seeing a
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2003
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      Taj crashed last night and we spent most of the night in the
      emergency hospital. We had changed much of his regimen a couple of
      weeks ago after seeing a cardiologist. Now I think that all of those
      changes were hard for him to tolerate. We reduced his fluids, gave
      him hardly any lasix, and changed from enalapril to benazapril. My
      gut was telling me for days to switch him back to his old heart meds,
      but when I spoke with my vet he wanted to try one thing at a time and
      told me to increase the fluids and lasix , but to keep him on the new
      med for now. For the past 3 night at almost exactly the same time m
      (11:00 PM,) Taj has thrown up. He seems fine during the day, but gets
      very nauseaus at night. Last night, he threw up, peed and pooped on
      the floor, threw up again, and then lay on his side breathing very
      heavily. We rushed him to the hospital and didn't even think he'd
      make it there. It ended up that he had a lot of fluid around his
      lungs (probably from decreasing his lasix so much), his creatinine
      has gone up to 17!!! (maybe from so much less fluids), his PCV is 18-
      19 (it had been in the 30s for the past couple of months - he's been
      on Epogen), his phosphorus is very high, and his glucose is very
      high, which is weird but the last thing to worry about right now.

      When the vet told us all of this, we felt that maybe we should put
      him to sleep. I was hysterical - I really don't know how I'm going to
      get through this. The vet said that the treatment would require an
      extended hospital stay and that he might not make it even then. Taj
      hates the hospital more than any cat I've had, and I knew that I
      didn't want him to die there if it could be avoided. We spoke to the
      vet about tapping the fluid and taking him home. He said that he
      wasn't at all opposed to that - Taj would be more comfortable, and we
      could try to support him at home and see how he does. So, that's what
      we did. He tapped off 200mls of fluid and had to sedate Taj a bit.
      Taj is very sensitive to sedation so he was really spaced out all
      night (he didn't sleep) and seemed extremely weak this morning. I
      spoke with my vet and we went back to his old meds and regimen. She
      said that he would likely not come back from this - his body is
      probably starting to shut down.

      He was pretty weak for the first part of the day and I force-fed him
      some baby food, gave him some fluids and his meds. He finally slept a
      lot and has been much better tonight - interested in food, clearly
      more comfortable - he even jumped up to his favorite window at one
      point. I was terrified when the witching hour of 11:00 came around,
      but he didn't vomit. I know this is a terrible scenario, but as long
      as he is comfortable and still interested in food, we will keep him

      I am in hell, and I know that there is no waking up from this
      nightmare. Taj is truly my baby. I have never been so close and
      attached to an animal, and I've had many. I have loved them all so
      much and the pain when they died was horrendous, but this is
      unfathomable to me. I have endured a lot of loss over the past few
      years (pets, miscarriages, and the worst - my dad just passed in
      January.) I think I am going to go crazy if I have to deal with more
      loss - especially my sweet boy Taj.

      Please say a prayer for him. He's really a fighter, and I know that
      he wants to live. He is so young - it's so unfair.

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