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OT: Warning - new "improved" Kaopectate toxic to cats

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  • Michelle
    From: Pat, SEM in Spirit, Jenny Anydots Date: Fri, 01 Aug 2003 17:29:01 -0800 This further reformulation of Kaopectate is especially dangerous for cats.
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      From: Pat, SEM in Spirit, Jenny Anydots
      Date: Fri, 01 Aug 2003 17:29:01 -0800

      This further reformulation of Kaopectate is especially dangerous for
      cats. Kaopectate is sometimes recommended to treat acute diarrhea.
      While retaining the same brand name, the active ingredient is now a
      chemical that is toxic to cats.


      Kaopectate Reformulated
      "Three recent reports were submitted to the USP Medication Errors
      Reporting Program regarding Pharmacia's (recently acquired by Pfizer)
      over-the-counter product Kaopectate=AE New & Improved. The new
      formulation contains bismuth subsalicylate. The previous formulation
      contained attapulgite as the active ingredient, while even earlier
      formulations contained kaolin and pectin (hence the brand name
      Kaopectate). Each reformulation has retained the original trade name.
      "The reporters expressed concern that the new formulation could
      unknowingly result in an overdose of salicylates, or be given to
      children and pose a risk for the development of Reye's Syndrome.
      Reye's Syndrome is a rare, acute, and sometimes fatal disease,
      occurring mainly in children and usually following viral infection.
      The disease affects mainly the liver and the brain.
      "In the first report, a community pharmacist received a
      prescription to make a compound containing Kaopectate. The pharmacist
      pulled Kaopectate from the shelf and noticed it read "New & Improved."
      After realizing Kaopectate no longer contained attapulgite, the pharmacist
      contacted the wholesaler that sent the new formulation in place of the
      old formulation. According to the reporter, the same trade name and
      National Drug Code number is being used on the labeling of two
      different formulations.
      "In a second report, a pharmacy student informed his professor of
      the new formulation. The professor considered the labeling inadequate to
      convey to the consumer that the product now contains a salicylate. In
      a similar report, another professor indicated that the peel-off label
      tore when trying to access the new warnings.
      "According to the National Reye's Syndrome Foundation (NRSF), Inc.,
      research has shown an association between Reye's Syndrome and the use
      of aspirin (a salicylate compound) for treating the symptoms of viral
      illnesses. Although other forms of salicylates have not been
      conclusively associated with Reye's Syndrome, the NRSF recommends that
      any products containing salicylates not be taken during episodes of
      viral infections until further research is completed.
      "While the new formulation of Kaopectate continues to be
      introduced, it is important that healthcare professionals counsel parents
      about the new formulation and take precautions to help prevent salicylate
      overdose and adverse events in children. This is especially important
      because Kaopectate is available over-the-counter, where consumers may
      be less aware of changes in formulations. "

      Pat, SEM in Spirit, Jenny Anydots

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