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RE: [feline-heart] Co-Q 10

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  • Polis, Karen [CNTUS]
    Considering I m supposed to keep Ocean s heart rate down as much as possible, Q10 doesn t sound like the best solution :) ... From: shiverden@aol.com
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 10, 2001
      Considering I'm supposed to keep Ocean's heart rate down as much as
      possible, Q10 doesn't sound like the best solution :)

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      Hi Karen (and everyone),

      I am the breeder of the cat that Karen Polis just wrote about. I found the
      list and joined to learn as well.

      I can offer my experience with Coenzyme Q10 in a Bengal that I used to have,

      that had stomatitis (gum disease). He was on CoQ10 to treat that. It
      the inflammation of the gums, but it made him bounce off the walls :-) He
      quite jazzed when on that.

      Jennifer Shortall
      Shiverden Singapuras

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