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Re: [feline-heart] My beloved Bowie - passed away yesterday

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  • peggy baldwin
    ... I am really sorry about Bowie.You did all you could to help him.I am sure he appreciates all you did and he is waiting at the bridge with my Angel Fred who
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 7, 2001
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      --- cpw216@... wrote:
      > Hello to all,
      > I am new to the group today.
      > My beloved cat, Bowie passed away yesterday after
      > suffering a stroke
      > and paralysis on Monday. We happened to be away for
      > a few days and
      > left him looking bright and cheerful although he is
      > always sad when
      > we go out of the door.
      > Bowie started showing problems this time 2 years ago
      > with high level
      > of fluid in his lungs showing congestive heart
      > failure. Rushed into
      > the country vets he underwent major care and love
      > and diuretic care.
      > After a few days, he returned home but looked tired
      > and wasnt
      > interested anything so I fed him with liquid via a
      > syringe.
      > After another week, he collapsed with increased
      > breathing and open
      > mouth, again I rushed him to the vets and he stayed
      > in hospital for a
      > week while they syringed the fluid off his chest and
      > gave him oxygen.
      > We thought it may be a reaction to aromatherapy oils
      > which i had that
      > xmas and we thought it may be respiratory/asthma.
      > He had been diagnosed a few months earlier with a
      > slight heart
      > murmour but the vet didnt think there was a link.
      > I nursed him round the clock as I was not working at
      > the time so I
      > was there for him and saw him come to life again,
      > back mousing and
      > rabbit catching. A full recovery we thought.
      > All seemed well until 19 months later, he started
      > getting
      > sores/ulcers on his face and legs ( we think it may
      > have been dietary
      > or reaction to ticks) and ear infection so he was
      > very quiet and felt
      > very sorry for himself due to the creams and tablets
      > we gave him. On
      > his second check up , the vet noticed his chest was
      > noisy so he went
      > into hospital again. Diuretics and bloods and xrays
      > showed an
      > enlarged heart and we started him on aspirin
      > therapy.
      > After 3 weeks he was bright and full of life again
      > and out mousing.
      > After 24 hour sleeping on the sofa with him (as he
      > wouldnt move from
      > one room) giving him tiny amounts of food when he
      > wanted it - we
      > thought he was getting stronger.
      > The vet didnt seem to think the heart was a major
      > problem and
      > suggested we take him off aspirin which I did. ( he
      > got really
      > stressed with pills)
      > His back legs went on 2/3 occasions when we gave him
      > pills so I felt
      > that there may be something going on - the vet
      > didnt.
      > Everything since September was going well - he
      > seemed bright , good
      > appetite and enjoying life. I noticed during xmas -
      > nyear that the
      > water was going down fast but with 2 cats didnt
      > really know who it
      > was and sometimes they do drink more with the heat
      > in the house at
      > winter. I noticed his fur was not great but not
      > massively different.
      > I had booked an appointment for a check up for him
      > this week to make
      > sure we where ok.
      > Unfortuneatley, early am on monday 1st - he suffered
      > a clot and was
      > found by his carers on the floor paralysed and
      > crying - he had got to
      > his poo tray too late and showed signs of diarrohea.
      > He was rushed to the vets and was sedated and but on
      > diuretics - we
      > travelled back to find a note and spoke to the vet
      > who explained the
      > attack.
      > I saw him the day before he died, looking peaceful
      > and quiet, warm
      > and cosy. the nurses looking after him well.
      > I somehow knew that this very strong little spirit
      > had had enough
      > although he didnt want to leave me. He didnt purr,
      > but he moved to
      > look at me and his eyes although bright, looked
      > tired.
      > I spoke to the vet yesterday am and he said he had
      > moved to his tray
      > to pee and made it but no feeling in his legs. at
      > 1.30pm , he
      > meowed, the nurse went in and he fell asleep
      > forever.
      > I am not sure if he suffered another attack or if he
      > wanted to tell
      > someone he was leaving - I wasnt there at the point
      > of most pain for
      > him which I have throughout the last 12 years and
      > certaninly the last
      > 2 years - I will regret this. I also wanted to be
      > with him when he
      > died - I will regret this.
      > I know he had cardiomyopathy and it was obviously
      > working its course
      > since 2 years ago - I am not sure what other things
      > we could do for
      > him - except maybe have looked at his kidney failure
      > - blood tests in
      > Sept did not show any signs of failure so it must
      > have been rapid.
      > I rejoice in a beautiful 2 years with him.
      > I am grieving terribly and need to write this mail
      > to express my
      > feelings. My loss is great as he was very close to
      > me. I would
      > like , however, other cats to benefit from this
      > learning.
      > Clare Woods
      > Hi Claire,
      I am really sorry about Bowie.You did all you
      could to help him.I am sure he appreciates all you did
      and he is waiting at the bridge with my Angel Fred who
      passed away 2 years ago alot of people don't
      understand how it feels but he was very special.
      Peggy,Angel Fred and Furbabies

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