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  • Marja van Die
    Hi Debbie I think you are making the right choice, the only thing you can do really and although it s a lot of money, I am happy you are able to make this
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 3, 2003
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      Hi Debbie

      I think you are making the right choice, the only thing you can do really and although it's a lot of money, I am happy you are able to make this choice. It is a risk, she may not survive but I can tell you, my Suteruni was operated in January at 17 1/2 and she made it through. It was a blow to her heart and kidney condition but I am so gratefull for the time she was given after that, she was so much better after the operation then before.
      The day of the operation was just horrible, I cried soon after I woke up untill hours later when the vet called she made it through. Your gut feeling may just be a feeling of fear, fear Treacle won't make it but Im sure the vet wouldnt do it if there wasn't a fair chance!

      Keeping my fingers crossed for Treacle and you



      Debbie Raikes-May <debbie.raikesmay@...> wrote:


      I had a long talk with our cardio today (he is very remote and scientific but he is brilliant) he said he disagreed with Kate about the phosphorous binders and is agreeable to T going on them.

      David (vet) wants to operate on Treacle on 18th July. He is very expert and one of only six vets in the UK at his level. He feels her bad teeth are not only painful but now deleterious to her kidneys as they are harbouring bacteria and possibly, pus. This could account for the rise in numbers.
      He will have to use deep sedation to get them out (there are 4) as even a touch on them in twilight sedation will bring the animal round in pain.
      He will book a specialist anaesthetist and THREE nurses to work on her and she will stay in special care for two days, with a nurse there all night (We are paying extra for this) I won't even TELL you the cost as I think my hand can't quite type that many noughts -
      We accept there is high risk she could die under the anaesthetic but we feel this is the best way for her. Her mouth is painful and that is all she can think about...the other things don't hurt her.
      So we extend her life but at what cost to quality?
      His success rate is good...today he operated on a 21 year old cat and she made it through..but -as he stressed, you never can tell.

      So I am going to concentrate on building her up and she will be on antibiotics from now till the 18th and then a week after to help her body cope with all the gunk. My gut feel is she will not make it but I feel I have to do this and then leave it up to God or fate or whatever...we really can do 'no more' after that.
      And if she gets better...well. She can enjoy her time with us with a mouth clean and free from pain.

      I am on a mission to get all cat owners to appreciate the need for good dental hygiene!
      So that's it from here for now. I know you will be looking forward to July 4th tomorrow! Have a good one.
      And if anyone has opinions on whether we are right to allow her to be operated on or experience of this, then I would welcome all and any comments.
      Thanks so much

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