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Sweetie Update :-/

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  • Carol R.
    hi all, Well, Sweetie must have other ideas than what I thought she had, which was that she was ready to depart. I was able to get the fluid out of her lungs
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2003
      hi all,

      Well, Sweetie must have other ideas than what I thought she had, which
      was that she was ready to depart. I was able to get the fluid out of
      her lungs with a minimal dose of Lasix on Sunday and Monday and by
      Monday night she was breathing normally again. Her respiration is down
      to 20 which is really good. She's eating again and even decided to
      defy Chelsea and walk about 10" from her, right past her to drink out
      of Chelsea water bowl! What a sight!!!

      She's not out of the woods by any means, and her kidneys are
      definitely suffering from the Lasix, but she's very comfortable and
      having nice comfy looking sleep positions.

      I took her to a cardiologist yesterday. The drive was 2 1/2 hours each
      way and Sweetie did pretty well in the car. I had the back of the
      station wagon all covered with soft blankets and put her litterbox in
      the very back and her carrier next to me and my boyfriend drove us. I
      had my hands on her the whole way there and she was for the most part
      okay in the car with the exception of a few spewing scares but she
      didn't end up spewing, not until we got home anyway. :-/

      The cardio vet took her blood pressure (it was 170), did an ultrasound
      on her heart and did an EKG, and he said her left side of her heart
      and the muscle between the left and right are both very thickened. He,
      of course, is not into anything holistic and demanded I stop her
      supplements. He came in and said "you can stop the pansy stuff", and
      I said "you mean the dandelion?" and he said "yeah, it's all the same
      anyway, pansy...dandelion, whatever." He only wants me to give her
      Lasix and prescribed Atenolol, which I understand is a blood pressure
      med, and said to stop her Enacard.

      I'm not really sure why he is stopping her Enacard and giving Atenolol
      instead, he didn't really explain it to me very well, just said that
      the Enacard won't do anything for her heart and I should stop it. But
      when we started her on that in April, it was because she was having
      terrible arythmia, her heart was missing beats really badly, and the
      Enacard helped that with the first dose. He also said that Enacard is
      bad for the kidneys. Is that true?

      Since the Lasix will keep the fluid down, and the dose of Lasix he
      prescribed is pretty small (only 3.125mg twice a day), I'll cut back
      on the dandelion, but not stop it completely. The dandelion helps with
      her digestion and gas, so I think it's still important. Hopefully with
      the diuretics, I'll be able to give her the subQ's she needs for her
      kidneys and make them a little happier, and maybe she'll not throw up
      so much.

      Anyway, so she's okay for now. The fluid in her lungs is gone, she's
      breathing normally and except for her still throwing up, she's hanging
      in there pretty good....for this moment anyway.

      Thank you to everyone who sent prayers and information and for just
      being there when I was in a most frantic time of need. Sweetie says
      thank you too.

      I know this could all change in an instant, but for now, she's here
      and feeling okay and that's all I care about.

      Oh, this morning she decided she wanted to take a drink out of
      CHELSEA's water bowl and defiantly walked right past her, less than a
      foot away and proceeded to take a drink...looked up at Chelsea who was
      just laying there staring at her, and went back to finishing her drink!

      Always the queen of the house!

      Carol FritzyAngel and Sweetie
      Puddy Boo Punkie MeanMama and Chelsea
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