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  • savionna@aol.com
    Hi Shannon, In a message dated 7/1/03 5:55:22 PM, garet@charter.net writes:
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 2, 2003
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      Hi Shannon,

      In a message dated 7/1/03 5:55:22 PM, garet@... writes:

      << My vet recommended that I begin to give my two cats more canned food so

      get enough water. >>

      Domestic cats, who are descended from desert small cats, have evolved to
      derive most of their water from prey or food, not from drinking.

      There is an interesting passage about water and cats here:

      << My previous vet had discouraged this because of the

      effects it has on their teeth. >>

      What effect? Dry teeth has much more serious implications for dental health
      than does canned food. Just look at the way a cat's teeth are arranged...and
      you'll see there is *no* way a cat can chew or grind small pellets of grain.
      There is some information about cats and teeth here:


      << Wouldn't it be better to get cats to drink more water? >>

      See above.

      << Is there another reason why canned food is necessary? >>

      There are several, but the primary and most important one is that cats are
      *obligates carnivores*...that means, they *must* derive essential nutrients from
      the proteins and fats in animal flesh. They have *no* dietary requirement for
      carbohydrate and limited ability to process it; dry food, which is
      manufactured with a high proportion of grains, is also high in carbohydrate. The
      consequences of feeding a high-carbohydrate, plant-based diet to an animal whose
      metabolism requires proteins and fats from meat include: obesity, diabetes,
      chronic urinary tract disorders, kidney impairment, dental and gum disease, allergy,
      digestive disturbance, etc etc etc. So, canned comes closer to the meat-based
      diets for which cats bodies are designed than does dry food. And a canned
      food with high-quality ingredients (quality in nutrition, and esp in regards
      proteins, means digestible and usable, and therefore available to the body) comes
      a step closer to meeting a cat's dietary requirements than does a canned food
      whose proteins are derived from animal byproducts, grain or grain glutens, and

      Information on feline nutrition is here:

      www.speedyvet.com (see Learning Center and Library)
      (non-PDF alternate to the above link:

      << Daisy has horrible

      teeth for a 2 year old and brushing is very traumatic for her, so I am

      reluctant to do this. >>

      What has she been eating lifelong? While dental health is in part influenced
      by genetics, it can be maintained in part by feeding a high-quality,
      low-carbohydrate, meat-based diet that helps provide the proper pH and bacteria balance
      in the mouth. Some people also feed small chunks of *raw* (never cooked)
      chicken or hen necks, which allow the cat to sink its teeth into meat (somewhat
      similar to a prey animal), which provides some abrasive action that keeps the
      teeth clean and the gums healthy. Co-enzyme Q10, which is used in some cardiac
      cases, also supports healthy gums. // Rosemary
    • marthe horn-Davis
      ... I started giving my cats Britta filtered water about 7 years ago and the vomiting decreased dramatically. I have 3 cats and I only find vomit a couple of
      Message 2 of 2 , May 10, 2005
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        --- Shannon <shannon5@...> wrote:
        I started giving my cats Britta filtered water about 7
        years ago and the
        vomiting decreased dramatically. I have 3 cats and I
        only find vomit a
        couple of times a year. Our water is very
        chlorinated, smells like bleach
        when I brush my teeth, and that can't be good for cats
        to drink (or people
        for that matter!) The Britta pitcher only costs about
        $25 and the filters
        cost about $3 and need to be changed approximately
        every 3 months depending
        on the frequency of use and the sediment in your

        Daisy: Maine Coon mix, 3-1/2 years old, asymptomatic
        HCM, 6.25 mg atenolol
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        Sent: Tuesday, May 10, 2005 9:10 AM
        Subject: [FH] Re: DCM and vomiting

        > Scratchy and Itchy have almost always been vomiters.
        Not really sure
        > why, but they tend to leave presents around the
        house. Since I've
        > changed their food and litter box they seems better.
        It is either
        > whole chunks of food - or watery, bilely, foamy
        stuff. I've asked vets
        > what it is and they never know why. It's not
        consistent so I worry
        > about the heart and lungs mostly. Sorry to hear that
        she's sick and
        > hope she gets better.
        > Irene and Scratchy.
        > PS this is kinda weird, but maybe it's the water? I
        worry that the
        > water quality at my house stinks. I want to give
        them "bottled" water.
        > What do most people do?
        > Now, the day before yesterday, a new
        >> symptom -- she suddenly vomited violently, mostly
        fluid and foam.
        >> Then she acted like she felt sick and queasy, and
        slowly climbed onto
        >> her chair and sat there listlessly.
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