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Re: [FH] canned commercial catfood

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  • Shirley G.
    - Oh aren t they too much tho? Just like teenagers, wanting only the junk food! What to do? If that is all he or they prefer then what can you do but give it
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 1, 2003

      Oh aren't they too much tho? Just like teenagers, wanting only the
      junk food! What to do? If that is all he or they prefer then what can
      you do but give it to them? I get told to mix the better dry into the
      junk dry...my vet sold me some Hill's Z/D dry for one cat who is
      allergic to most food! She barely will eat it but the cat who likes
      it is my IBD cat! I like natural Balance, too. We all just do our
      best...my IBD cat is better off without dry food at all so they say
      and she gets hardly any of it. it does something to the stomach
      lining of an IBD cat. I just cannot bring myself to give them
      completely raw food and the heart cat only likes

      -- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "WENDY LAMB"
      <renaissanceragdolls@m...> wrote:
      > I continue to have the same problem. My cats all eat the dry kibble
      well. I feed Natural Balance and it is an excellent quality food. I
      would like them to eat the canned as well. I think the extra fluid is
      needed. My problem? They only like the junky ones! I have tried every
      good one under the sun, wellness, petguard, etc. they like Friskies.
      Then there is Tiger, who is a chubby boy as it is, and he won't touch
      canned, period. Not even the junk. He had crystals at one point and I
      feel it would be very beneficial for him to eat the wet, no
      convincing him of that. So... do I feed the others the junk wet or
      just dry???
      > Wendy
      > Tiger (no wet, no way)
      > The crew (just junk)
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      > From: Shirley G.
      > Sent: Monday, June 30, 2003 7:47 PM
      > To: feline-heart@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [FH] canned commercial catfood
      > If it says meat by-products or chicken by-products it means the
      > of the worst...they use road kill and even euthanized animals and
      > then zap it all with chemicals to offset the raunch. Trouble is I
      > have tried all the good pure upscale brands inc PetGuard and my
      > say YUK! They will not eat the tiny bit I introduce into their
      > regular food, and frankky most of this kind of food looks amd
      > unappealing so I don't blame them? One cat will eat Nutro veal
      > and Nature's Recipe rabbit and rice which is fine except the cat
      > the heart problem is not she! I cook every day a simmered mixture
      > ground turkey and Call of the Wild for two of the cats and also a
      > chicken thigh. The Peaches heart girl will have none of any of it.
      > She wants Friskies salmon dinner over and over, not real salmon
      > shrimp but just the junk food Friskies. I feel guilty but she has
      > eat and nothing else will do I have tried them all. Yes Wellness
      > They really do not need dry food frankly it bothers their
      > tracts and is full of carbohydrates. I know most people use it
      > me sometimes but cats are carnivors after all not kibble
      > crunchers..do you know they use old discarded animal fat and
      > grease and spray all the dry food with a good coating? That is
      > makes cats like to eat it.
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