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Re: [feline-heart] Saw Pebbles at the hospital

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  • peggy baldwin
    ... Hi Voula, Poor Peebles and you I just hope Peebles will be okay.Thank you for keeping us posted. love, Peggy
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 25, 2000
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      --- Voula Augerinos <catwoman1@...> wrote:
      > Dear friends,
      > apologies if some of you who are on as many
      > groups as I am on now in
      > order to find help and answers for Pebbles, receive
      > multiple copies of my
      > messages.
      > I have just come home from the hospital seeing
      > Pebbles. They really
      > haven't gotten a definite diagnosis. They started
      > Pebbles on neo-mercazol
      > and then stopped it to check if it caused her to
      > vomit the other night.
      > They don't think it was the neo-mercazol. They have
      > restarted her on it
      > tonight.
      > I asked about Inflammatory bowel disease - they
      > said possible.
      > Hyperthyroidism symptoms - possible. In which
      > case controlling the
      > thyroid should stop the symptoms. I am not convinced
      > of this, but perhaps
      > it is possible.
      > I will ring the internal medicine specialist
      > tomorrow and pray I can
      > get him at home as it is holidays and speak to him
      > about Pebbles. He is
      > highly qualified and has an excellent reputation as
      > well as being a very
      > nice man.
      > Fur balls - they said the radioactive pills
      > appeared to be passing
      > through but could do another Xray to check if they
      > have passed through
      > completely - well bloody well do one!!! I am getting
      > frustrated. They told
      > me to ring in the morning and I will tell them
      > again. Someone mentioned a
      > barium Xray. I forgot to ask tonight - it will be on
      > my list of questions
      > for tomorrow.
      > The vet said an endoscopy to check for
      > Inflammatory bowel but that
      > requires anesthesia and could be a risk because of
      > Pebbles' conditions.
      > She said that Pebbles wouldn't eat. I took in a
      > lot of different
      > foods. She smelt tuna and wanted to eat it but
      > didn't. She licked a crappy
      > canned food, but did not eat it. Then a crappy sauce
      > one with chunks...and
      > she went mad for it. She licked the gravy and ate
      > four little chunks
      > heartily. They will syringe feed her tonight and
      > offer her some of the
      > crappy saucy cat food. They said they syringe fed
      > her the other night then
      > she vomited twice, and she vomited once yesterday.
      > She said if she doesn't
      > keep her food down she will die, so they are
      > considering exploratory
      > surgery as one option. I said don't touch her
      > without my permission! And
      > until I get a second or however many more opinions
      > it takes.
      > The vet said surgery is a risk because of her
      > heart problems.
      > I will ring the teaching hospital tomorrow.
      > This is the best place
      > with the best medical specialists in the state, and
      > is where the internal
      > medicine specialist we saw for Pebbles' heart
      > consults also.
      > When I first saw Pebbles my heart broke. She
      > was silent and looked
      > stunned. Then after a few minutes with me she
      > started her usual meowing and
      > grumpiness. The vet said she is very grumpy. I said
      > that is my Pebbles! It
      > was such a beautiful sound to hear!
      > She appears to be well cared for. For a cat
      > that hasn't eaten she
      > looks pretty good. Her pupils were dilated from
      > fear.
      > She buried her head in my arms and I just
      > cried. She is strong still.
      > She struggled to get down on the floor and walk
      > around, which was hard
      > because of the IV tube in her front leg.
      > I don't know. She feels essentially strong,
      > alert. The vet said all
      > her vital signs were good. I feel she is strong in
      > herself, not like Sachie
      > was when she was dying. My Angel Sachie was
      > withdrawn and depressed.
      > Pebbles looked depressed or stunned when I first saw
      > her, but after a few
      > minutes seemed better. I don't know it feels like
      > there is something, my
      > mind goes back to a furball, though I could be
      > wrong. It's like her body is
      > strong and her will is strong but there is something
      > that is making her
      > vomit.
      > I am so depressed. If it is a furball and they
      > operate and she dies I
      > will not be able to take it. After all our struggles
      > to lose her this way,
      > I would never forgive myself. I should have brushed
      > her more.
      > I am almost so desperate I am thinking of an
      > animal communicator to
      > tune in. There is something obviously wrong. I asked
      > about the thermometer
      > incident and the vet said if it caused a perforation
      > of the bowel there
      > would be more pain.
      > I don't think I can take this so soon after
      > losing my Beautiful
      > Sachie.
      > I am clinging to things which might sound
      > ridiculous. On the way to
      > the hospital last Saturday the song "I just can't
      > help believing...this
      > time the girl is going to stay" the old Elvis song
      > came on the radio and I
      > sang it to Pebbles because I love that song. Tonight
      > coming home it was on
      > the radio again and the tears welled up and I so
      > wanted to believe that
      > this time my girl is going to stay. That though
      > Sachie passed, Pebbles
      > would not. I just can't lose Pebbles too. I don't
      > know, with my own illness
      > and the struggles I have had also, I don't know how
      > much more I can take. I
      > am sorry to go on so long.
      > Love, Voula and Pebbles and Lucy and my Beautiful
      > Angel Sachie.
      > Love, Voula and Pebbles and Lucy and my Beautiful
      > Angel Sachie.
      > http://www.geocities.com/vaugerinos/
      > (Sachie's tribute page, and photos of Sachie and
      > Pebbles.)
      Hi Voula,
      Poor Peebles and you I just hope Peebles will be
      okay.Thank you for keeping us posted.

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