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Further update on Pebbles

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  • Voula Augerinos
    Hi everyone, I just rang the vet this morning, and Pebbles does not appear to be in immediate danger from her heart or kidneys. They will treat her for
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 23, 2000
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      Hi everyone,
      I just rang the vet this morning, and Pebbles does not appear to be in
      immediate danger from her heart or kidneys.
      They will treat her for furballs and then start her on neo-mercazol
      for her thyroid. They will also give her some radioactive pills that will
      pass through her digestive tract, then take an X-ray to check if there are
      any blockages there. If the catalax doesn't get rid of the furballs, then
      there may be a concern because she would need surgery to remove the
      blockage. And with all her problems, this may be a risk. I am hoping it is
      her thyroid now!
      The vet said it is likely either furballs or her thyroid levels have
      gone very high and produced lack of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea. She
      said her kidney readings are quite good, so though there is a risk from the
      thyroid drug they will monitor her carefully.
      As you all know, we have been treating Pebbles with chinese medicine
      as her T4 was not very high and the advice I was getting was that she had
      no heart problems. Recently I insisted on a heart ultrasound because her T4
      was up and her heart rate had gone up. As you know we found out Pebbles has
      heart disease caused by her thyroid.
      The vet said her heart disease could have happened or progressed
      within the last four months, when her T4 went up, and her heart rate
      increased. She may have had some very mild heart problems which were not
      detectable by stethoscope but with the increase in her heart rate in the
      past four months the heart damage could have intensified in this time.
      I have not noticed much howling for food or restlessness lately since
      she has been on Inderal for her heart in the past two months. The
      specialist said the Inderal can make people and animals more relaxed. I
      think it did and perhaps masked the underlying worsening thyroid symptoms
      of restlessness?
      In any case, the vet will start Pebbles on neo-mercazol tonight. They
      can't get a T4 reading till Wednesday, so they are going blind a bit, but
      she has hyperthyroid and they will start her on a half dose, because if
      there is no blockage, and it is her thyroid, then they have to treat her. I
      asked about a lower dose and they said if it was her thyroid then they
      needed a reasonable dose to control the T4, and evaluations and adjustments
      can be made in the coming weeks.
      I asked what happens if the neo-mercazol causes more vomiting and
      upset. She said that would be a dilemma. I just remembered the ear ointment
      method of giving thyroid medicine. I will call later and ask about this.
      The vet today said fur blockages occur more in the stomach, so
      diarrhea is generally not a common symptom this. It is less likely to get
      fur blockages in the bowel which could cause diarrhea. Also if Pebbles'
      bowel is inflamed this could produce the straining diarrhea.
      Pebbles is still not eating. So the vet said they will feed her via a
      naso-gastric tube (I think?) or syringe feed her. I told the vet I am very
      worried that Pebbles has not eaten for four days now.
      The vet said they will not let Pebbles come home until they are
      satisfied that she is eating on her own. I miss her so much, but I am
      relieved that she is being looked after. Apparently she is not too bothered
      by being there!
      Meanwhile my eyes is improving with the antibiotic drops. I know it is
      all the prayers you have sent. Lucy's eyes look better too! I just pray for
      my Pebbles.

      Love, Voula and Pebbles and Lucy and my Beautiful Angel Sachie.

      (Sachie's tribute page, and photos of Sachie and Pebbles.)
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