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Re: [FH] OT - advice on trapping/adopting a lone feral

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  • Debbie Raikes-May
    f];q1 am a good person to answer this as we are in the middle of trapping ferals ourselves. 1. Yes, use the trap. Much easier. However small they are they can
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2003
      f];q1 am a good person to answer this as we are in the middle of trapping ferals ourselves.

      1. Yes, use the trap. Much easier. However small they are they can inflict a lot of damage through a towel. We are also using large fishing nets - the sort on a pole - quite successfully!
      2. Take him to vets for a check up right away. If you start trying to tame him and he is hostile it might just be he has mites so best to get them sorted out and spayed or neutered right away
      3. If you can get Advantage on then do it. I found with Mama Felix that if I left one of my jumpers out in the yard, she slept on it regularly and it got her used to my scent.
      4. put the trap out in the yard for a few days before you bait it so that he gets used to seeing it wround and doesn't give it a wide berth.
      5. Early morning and dusk are the best times to trap (I have found)
      Huge good luck and let me know how you get onf];
      Debbie (who has now caught five!)
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      Subject: [FH] OT - advice on trapping/adopting a lone feral

      Hi All,
      Haven't posted much since Miss Magggie May died last November, but still lurking (and caring for Max, my Giant Schnauzer with hermangiosarcoma, an aggressive cancer). Of course, one can never have enough challenges in life, so I've decided its time to bring another kitty into the household. I've been feeding a 9-12 month old stray for the last several months - a scraggly little thing, who looks to be flea-ridden and doesn't seem to be putting on any weight. We're making great progress, now he (she?) arrives every evening and will eat with me less than a foot away. The last few nights I've actually been able to run my hand down his back and he took a little food from my hand without mauling it :)

      I've found lots of great info on the net about ferals, but most of it pertains to colonies and TNR (Trapping, Neutering and then Releasing) and about socializing feral *kittens*. Does anyone have any good (or bad) experiences socialing adults?

      Also, some specific questions:
      a) Would you trap with a haveaheart trap (a friend has one) OR can I just "grab" with a towel and gloves?
      b) Should I take him the very next morning for a complete checkup, neuter, vaccinations, blood work OR should I spend a week or two acclimating him and tending to basic needs first (fleas and food). (I'm familiar with basic acclimation rules and would be keeping him separated from the other 4 kitties)
      c) What do you think about attempting to apply Advantage while still on the loose (I'm thinking it would provide at least a little relief immediately, since I may not be making the catch for another few weeks).

      Thanks as always for your wonderful collective advice!


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