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  • Debbie Raikes-May
    This is Treacle s account of how her day with Hillary went. Apologies to Wendy as I have recycled parts of my letter to her as I am just too tired to type much
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2003
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      This is Treacle's account of how her day with Hillary went. Apologies to Wendy as I have recycled parts of my letter to her as I am just too tired to type much today. Love, Debxx
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      My tail is as straight as a spire and I have put on half a pound. I look like me again!
      Today a lovely lady called Hillary came to see me. She was odd! She kept waving her hands over me. I really wanted her to just get on with it and stroke me but she kept almost doing it then pulling back.
      There was much talk of 'tuning'. Or it could have been tuna? Anyways, they never gave me any fish so I got well hacked off with this and went and hid in a bush.
      Then Mum came and stuck her head in it! She looked so funny! Spiders everywhere and she HATES those! She gently pulled me out and gave me to madwoman who by now was waving crystals above my head.
      DOH! I sat still and then a funny thing happened. I felt all warm and sleepy and..mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
      When I woke up, it was much later and I know this because I was hungry.
      Madwoman said my fur was fluffier and she was right! Did they bath me secretly?

      I found I could walk with my tail right up and no pain so I ran a bit to test it out.
      What is it with women? Mum burst into tears and all the neighbours clapped!
      I saw a blackbird and decided to go chase. I got halfway up the tree and then just couldn't be bothered. So I came back down and rolled a bit as that always gets' em.
      Madwoman has now gone home and she said she had spent time thinking about all my catfriends on the list.

      So, I hope she has sent some magic your way and I want you to know I feel ......grrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaatttttt!
      (I still think she is a madwoman though.Dad thought so too but even he was impressed when she told me to raise each paw in turn and I did it! Even though I was trying not to. They just sort of floated up.

      Mum says she was a very clever woman and worth every penny.
      Of course she was. Nothing is too good for me, the mighty Treacle!
      Sister got in on the act as well and did the old 'limp paw' routine. I nipped her though and she ran away.
      Even more ha ha!
      The kittens are driving me crazy. They get caught tomorrow and a good thing too. They look like furry popcorn to me - and I fancy a night at the movies..............!
      Much love to you all and I hope some magic has come your way too.

      ps Mummy says she has still not caught those kittens and she is really ANGRY!!

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